COVID-19: Free Health IT Resources

by | Mar 25, 2020

I founded Chilmark Research to help move the healthcare industry forward to improving care delivery through the effective use of information technology (IT). A key part of that mission is to educate by providing all stakeholders with objective research and resources.

Today, the world is seeing a nearly unprecedented spread of the COVID-19 virus that will impact us all. No one is immune to its impact. Organizations both big and small are heeding the call to assist in any way possible. Over the last couple of days, we have received a number of announcements from IT vendors on what they are doing to help address this worldwide pandemic.

This page is our effort to assist in addressing COVID-19. Below is a curated list of companies and the solutions that they are offering for free. If you wish to have your company listed, please complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Please, be safe and care for those more vulnerable as this is a time to come together—metaphorically speaking. Remember, the best practice you can currently observe is social distancing.


Start by Understanding Coronavirus

Understanding Coronavirus is a graphic medicine piece by our friends at the GoInvo Health Design Studio on COVID-19. It’s an open-source primer on the virus, how it’s spread, and what we can do to prevent it — all referenced and cited from reputable sources. There’s also a comic book you can download, print, and distribute. Developed for: Everyone

Informational Resources

American Association of Post-Acute Care Nursing (AAPACN): Educational Resource: Information and other resources for RNs and LPNs working in LTPAC.

BioIQ BioIQ has created an infographic to help people understand the various types of COVID-19 tests and testing models that are currently available or in use. The infographic includes test types and the pros and cons of each.

CORD-19 Dataset (COVID-19 Open Research Dataset): New dataset of all the research conducted to date on coronaviruses and early data from COVID-19. There is also a link to a set of Kaggle challenges related to this dataset.

Health Affairs COVID-19 Resource Center: A collection of COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease) content from Health Affairs journal articles and additional resources provides timely commentary, expert analysis, and policy proposals.

Health IT Offerings

4Medica (for clients)

4medica and KPI Ninja have teamed up to launch a comprehensive lab analytics solution to support rapid treatment, prevention and spread of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. The COVID-19 Alerts and Reporting Solution™ helps healthcare organizations and medical professionals identify and prioritize patients at higher risk of contracting severe forms of the respiratory disease. The solution also finds and tracks healthcare facility and ICU bed utilization across the U.S. Free for clients that already have an existing lab interface with 4Medica. Developed for: Public Health / Government, HIEs, ACOs

Ada Health

Ada’s symptom assessment app is free to download and use, and will help individuals assess the cause of their symptoms. In particular, it will help individuals determine whether their symptoms are likely caused by COVID-19 (novel Coronavirus), and what action they should take. Developed For: Public Health/Government, Consumers

Amendola Communications

GlobalMed is offering a free 30-minute consultative session for care providers, practices, and health systems interested in deploying telehealth. Whether it be rapid deployment with simple video capabilities or virtual management of highly complex disease states on a modular platform, GlobalMed is ready to assist. Developed for: Clinicians

Amendola Communications

Alliance for Better Health (Alliance) is leading a collaborative effort to secure and distribute approximately 7,500 smart thermometers to community-based organizations (CBOs) and the community members they serve in New York’s Capital District. The ultimate goals are: 1) to provide much-needed thermometers to social and behavioral health service organizations; and 2) for the individuals who work in these organizations to monitor their own temperatures―providing public health leaders insight into the status of our community’s health and the status of the COVID-19 outbreak in the region. Developed for:  Clinicians

Amendola Communications

Availity, the nation’s largest real-time health information network, launched a COVID-19 Provider Resource Center that consolidates links to updates from more than 50 payers for information about patient eligibility, coding, claims processing, telehealth guidelines and more. The new COVID-19 Provider Resource Center connects providers directly to payer updates, while enabling better collaboration between providers and payers. Developed for: Clinicians


Triage, self test, pandemic control, urgent clinical trials. Developed for: Clinicians, Public Health/Government, Assisted Living/Elderly Care/Skilled Nursing Care, Consumers


On March 20th, Arcadia ( met with its customer base remotely and unveiled a series of free tools and strategies for supporting the COVID-19 response with new COVID-19-specific algorithms and workflows within Arcadia’s population health management platform that cover patient stratification, outreach, education, symptom checking and triage, care team extension, and research & analysis. Since then, many U.S. health systems are now using these tools while Arcadia has been rapidly deploying new stratification algorithms, patient engagement tools and surveillance analytics on a national scale. Developed for: Clinicians, Public Health/Government


Availity, the nation’s largest real-time health information network, launched a COVID-19 Provider Resource Center that consolidates links to updates from more than 50 payers for information about patient eligibility, coding, claims processing, telehealth guidelines and more. The new COVID-19 Provider Resource Center connects providers directly to payer updates, while enabling better collaboration between providers and payers. Developed for: Clinicians, Providers and Payers


Offering Sleepio for poor sleep, and Daylight for worry and anxiety for free to employers during this period. Fully digital, so can offer effective help to people remotely. Developed for: Employers

BlueStream Health

Bluestream is providing a free, HIPAA-compliant virtual care solution to help care providers work with patients that are impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. In-browser, secure visits can be started almost immediately with no setup or downloads to help healthcare providers easily engage with patients remotely. Developed for: Clinicians, Assisted Living/Elderly Care/Skilled Nursing Care

Bright.MD is offering a free COVID-19 evaluation, screening and escalation tool to all hospitals in the U.S. In line with the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) recommendations to leverage telehealth to mitigate the spread of the virus. Contact them for more details hereDeveloped for: Clinicians

Capsule Technologies

For users of its Medical Device Information Platform, Capsule offers the Capsule Ventilated Patient Surveillance workstation, a tailored configuration of the Capsule Surveillance solution. The Ventilated Patient Surveillance workstation enables respiratory and intensive care specialists to observe their ventilated patients, wherever those patients receive care, with a centralized view of ventilator data and clinically actionable emergent events. Developed for:  Clinicians

Care Directives

Care Directives, a provider of purpose-built solutions to share and receive advance care planning documents, announced today free access to its registry of advance directives, POLST and durable power of attorney for healthcare forms during the COVID-19 pandemic. Any healthcare organization providing patient care (COVID-19 and Non-COVID-19) that needs access to patient advance care planning documents will receive complimentary on-demand access during this national healthcare crisis period. The company’s invitation extends to health systems, hospitals, medical groups, skilled nursing facilities, home care agencies and emergency medical service (EMS) providers. Developed for: Clinicians, Public Health/Government, Assisted Living/Elderly Care/Skilled Nursing Care

Caregility (for clients)

Caregility has created a COVID-19 Virtual Disaster Response Program that includes capacity expansion of the UHE Telehealth platform for 90 days at no cost for current customers, including use of the iConsult mobile application and iObserver virtual patient observation sitting application. Additionally, Caregility has created new streamlined mobile carts ready for rapid deployment in emergency departments and containment units for assessments, observation, screening and communication to minimize clinician staff exposure to COVID-19. Developed for: Clinicians

CarePort Health

Using CarePort Guide, hospital discharge planners can easily identify facilities in their area that have the clinical capabilities and services, as well as isolation/high-risk bed availability, to accept patients who have tested positive or are suspected of having COVID-19. A lightweight version of CarePort Guide is currently being offered for free to all hospitals during the COVID-19 crisis. Developed for: Clinicians,  Assisted Living/ Elderly Care, Nursing Care


Tips and updates. Latest Health IT strategies, regulatory updates, learnings, and resources for supporting Health IT in the COVID-19 pandemic. Developed for: Clinicians

Cerner (for clients)

Cerner is providing a growing list of solution updates and use-case recommendations for operational readiness, screening, testing, treatment and surveillance of COVID-19. This includes an updated package for the Infectious Disease Travel Screen PowerForm within Millennium which alerts providers when a patient is at risk so clinicians can take appropriate isolation precautions. In addition to these ongoing updates, Cerner is providing a secure discussion site for clients to share concerns, questions and effective response measures implemented at their organizations. Developed for: Clinicians, Public Health/Government

CliniComp, Intl.

CliniComp, Intl. announced its collaboration with long-time client Dallas VA Medical Center has resulted in the development of COVID-19 (coronavirus) monitoring, surveillance, and tracking solutions to inform pandemic outbreaks and response management in large VA patient populations. The COVID-19 tools provided to VA hospitals pro bono include early warning dashboards, real-time alerts, reports and summary screens that visually show patients at severe and rising risk along with positive lab results. Forty-two VA hospitals nationwide are using the solutions to protect and care for these most vulnerable patients primarily in intensive care. Developed for: Clinicians, Public Health/Government. CliniComp will provide the pro bono solutions to other VA hospitals that choose to participate.

Cohort Intelligence Group

Chronic care via call center and includes inbound calls for patients wanting guidance in their disease. Developed for: Clinicians, Consumers

Collective Medical [Technologies]

Collective Medical has – at no cost – developed a rapidly deployable event notification solution to support identification and tracking of patients with COVID-19. The solution can be live for ready and able hospitals in under one week. Interested hospitals, health plans, public health agencies and other healthcare stakeholders can email for more information, or listen to the recorded webinar at this linkDeveloped for: Government/Public Health, Clinicians


Conversa’s Coronavirus Health Chats are available by texting “Virus” to 83973 or by visiting People can learn about the coronavirus, such as how it started and how it spreads, and receive answers based on information from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. Developed for: Clinicians, Consumers


Cureatr is offering free, open-access to our Meds 360° medication management solution, which provides clinicians a comprehensive view of a patient’s medication history through real-time visualization of all major PBM and retail pharmacy data for a patient, including cash payments at the pharmacy, to hospitals, health systems, and provider organizations until COVID-19 is contained. Meds 360° can greatly reduce the medication related utilization of your facilities, staff, and resources during the COVID-19 pandemic by dramatically increasing medication management efficiencies. Developed for: Clinicians, Public Health/Government, Assisted Living/Elderly Care/Skilled Nursing Care

Curation Health (for clients)

Curation Health is providing the following pro bono support for current clients:

COVID-19 Severity Risk Analytics: Registries of patients whose pre-existing conditions and profiles make them at highest risk of serious COVID-19 complications to help guide providers’ targeted patient outreach, support, and interventions.

COVID-19 Provider Prompts: COVID-19 specific rules have been added to their rules engine to standardize provider awareness of (and responsiveness to) risk factors, and to enrich the support and guidance given to patients and their families at the point of care.

Dimensional Insight

Dimensional Insight is offering a complimentary COVID-19 toolkit to healthcare providers that provides critical measures available in its 2020 Best in KLAS healthcare business intelligence/analytics platform. This kit will provide measures or KPIs that hospitals and health systems need to track to better manage their COVID-19 patients, a capacity management dashboard that displays these current measures in an easy to understand format, and the logic to implement COVID-19 specific measures based on criteria provided by the CDC. Developed for: Clinicians

Dina (formerly Prepared Health)

Dina provides remote patient monitoring technology, including quick access to data from people affected by COVID-19 who are outside of the acute-care setting. This includes patient self-assessments and assessments conducted by in-home or family caregivers. Data collected can be used for reporting and tracking trends.


Doximity is providing free access to Dialer and Dialer Video, allowing the entire healthcare workforce to call/ video call patients from their cell phone while displaying the office/hospital number on the patient’s Caller ID. The company is also providing free job postings for COVID-19 and will tap the network to distribute openings to appropriate clinicians based on location, specialty, and any other requirements. Developed for:  Clinicians, Healthcare Staffing


Elsevier’s Novel Coronavirus Information Center has expert, curated information for the research and health community on Novel Coronavirus (also referred to as COVID-19). Resources are free to access and include guidelines for clinicians and patients. ‘Research’ tab contains the latest early-stage and peer-reviewed research, while the ‘Clinical information’ tab has resources for nurses, clinicians and patients. Developed for: Clinicians, Consumers, Public Health/Government, Researchers, Assisted Living/Elderly Care/Skilled Nursing Care.


The Coronavirus Research Hub offers free access to a unique set of biomedical research tools and content to help researchers and life science companies accelerate efforts to address the current COVID-19 pandemic. Developed for: Clinicians, Public Health/Government, Assisted Living/Elderly Care/Skilled Nursing Care, Consumers


The COVID-19 Healthcare Hub is a tool to support the medical community by providing free access to toolkits, expert insights, research resources and COVID-19 guidelines. Its mobile-friendly format allows clinicians to access the patient care information that they need from mobile devices while on the go or while at their desk computers.<Epic (for clients)

Epic is sharing a growing list of resources available for its health systems clients: screening tools, infection control tracking, and resource planning. Developed For: Clinicians, Public Health/Government


Experity is offering a COVID-19 Response Application, free for any U.S.-based urgent care clinic and accessible via a clinic-specific URL for widespread adoptability, regardless of the current HIT solution they have in place. The application’s functionality allows clinics to connect with patients virtually through two-way text messaging and telemedicine functionality to help with mitigating exposure for the community and clinic staff. It also has check-in and triage capability to streamline workflows and enhance patient and physician safety. Developed for: Clinicians.

First Databank

FDB has provided COVID-19 related drug information for three drugs: remdesivir, chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine. This information includes professional content (specialty drug monographs) and consumer content (patient medication instructions, and consumer medication information). FDB has also opened access to an extensive list of published manufacturers and vendors of critical – yet scarce – supplies such as ventilators, N95 masks, gloves, and other protective equipment. Part numbers and UDI information are included, as well as each manufacturer’s contact information. The hope is that this will help hospitals identify new suppliers for the items they are currently finding unavailable.

Starting in March and at no cost until September 30, 2020, healthcare organizations can access a publicly-available version of Geneia’s Theon Platform for Care Management to easily triage, outreach to and engage patients for care coordination. This is a targeted care management workflow solution to assess and triage patients seeking COVID-19 information, resources and care. The care management solution guides a healthcare organization’s employee to gather pertinent information to route the patient to the appropriate next best action or outcome. Developed for: Clinicians, Public Health

GetWellNetwork (for clients)

GetWellNetwork deployed complimentary COVID-19 management tools for all clients. These include GetWell Loop and GetWell Inpatient, help patients track symptoms at home and communicate with care teams as they self-monitor or self-quarantine; help healthcare providers streamline outreach and education; enable providers to monitor symptoms and triage patients to the right setting of care; and play a critical role in scaling information sharing, reducing anxiety, providing guidance and easing the burden for hospital and health system care teams. Developed for: Clinicians, Consumers

Goliath Health

For health systems, Goliath is offering free short-term licenses to support both the surge in remote medical staff as well as urgency to ensure constant availability and uptime of the clinician workspace running on Citrix or VMware Horizon. With purpose-built modules for all major EHR systems (Cerner, Epic, Allscripts, MEDITECH), Goliath can assist by enabling Health IT to troubleshoot and resolve end-user performance issues faster, prevent performance issues from occurring altogether, and document end-user experience metrics around performance as well as remote work activity. Developed for: Clinicians, Health IT departments


The GYANT COVID-19 Emergency Response Assistant uses AI chat to check for COVID-19 symptoms and pertinent risk factors then navigate patients to appropriate health system resources and care settings. The tool educates patients by providing general information on symptoms, prevention, and preparedness and answering common questions about COVID-19. Emergency Response Assistant is available to the public on their website ( Developed for: Consumers

Health Catalyst (for clients)

Released a cohort of tools that are consistently being updated to help practices manage populations, identify hot spots for monitoring, managing supply chains, and more. All of these COVD-19 specific offerings are free to clients – read about everything they’re doing via the link. Developed for: Clinicians, Public Health / Government


HealthEC partnered with existing customers to build and deliver rapid reports listing patients at highest risk for severe disease and death. Armed with this information, HealthEC customers can take proactive measures within their communities to identify and manage patients at risk, improve COVID-19 outcomes and keep virus-related healthcare spend in check. Developed for:  Clients


The Healthwise Coronavirus Resource Center includes resources and tools – articles, infographics, videos, and more – to help people stay healthy, find out what to do if they’re exposed to the virus, and when to call for help. These materials are free for use for commercial or personal purposes. Developed for: Clinicians, Consumers

Heudia (for clients)

Heudia is providing a customizable COVID-19 user interface layered on top of AccessMeCare™, the Company’s mobile SDoH platform.  This additional functionality and customization services are offered at no charge to new and current customers. This includes the ability to navigate users to things like COVID-19 Testing Sites. a Community Impact Dashboard, Case Reporter, COVID-19 Social Needs Screening, COVID-19 Exposure Assessment, Non-Emergent Medical Transportation, Community and School Closings, and Basic Needs and Social Services. Developed for: Clinicians, Public Health / Government, Consumers

i2i Population Health

i2i understands the new demands of this disease for clinicians; COVID-19 requires technology solutions to flex – quickly and precisely. In March, i2i launched COVID-19 designed tools within their highly ranked PHM platform that provides LAB data elements for the COVID-19 tests through any EMR or lab interfaces, COVID-19 registries or patient searches with customizable criteria for outreach lists, and on-demand quality reports to identify high risk patients by one or many conditions. This added set of functionality can support your care teams when time is not on their side, and our technology is EMR agnostic, workflow adaptable, plus user friendly. Developed for: Public Health/ Government

Illuminate Health

Illuminate Health is making its technology and implementation of that technology free to any organizations engaged in providing substance use recovery therapy. Connectivity and group therapy are essential components of successful substance use disorder recovery treatment programs, but social isolation protocols in response to COVID-19 are resulting in the cancellation of in-person recovery meetings. Addiction recovery service providers and their patients can be onboarded quickly and easily to lessen the impact. Developed For: Clinicians, Public Health/Government, Consumers

IMO (Intelligent Medical Objects)

IMO Precision COVID-19 Sets available at no charge. These two value sets can be used to identify and analyze patients who have been exposed to, are suspected to be infected with, or have a confirmed COVID-19 infection. With the IMO Precision COVID-19 Sets institutions can: Leverage health information systems to identify and monitor patients who have documented COVID-19 symptoms and diagnoses; Analyze the effectiveness of an institution’s COVID-19 management protocol. Developed for: Clinicians


The COVID-19 Management System supports community-based triage of the general population (or a specified patient population) by providing functionalities such as self-assessment, risk profiles and patient education based on CDC guidelines. With the analytics feature of the COVID-19 Management System, healthcare organizations and government agencies can identify high-risk patients and the geographies. The system enables identifying and segregating the population at risk by using Automated assessments for patients to determine their risk profile; Navigate patients based on risk-profiles, and Identifying the need for COVID-19 testing. Furthermore, it helps them to connect with their providers virtually, meanwhile helping healthcare organizations to prioritize high-risk patients and efficiently manage the care staff resources. Developed for: Clinicians,Public Health/Government, Consumers


Opened up access to portions of their pandemic preparedness monitoring service to increase public awareness of the disease, offer medical advice geared towards prevention and include information about governmental restrictions on travel in the face of the outbreak. Developed for: Clinicians, Public Health/Government, Consumers.

InterSystems (for clients)

InterSystems is releasing global functionality for its TrakCare® unified healthcare information system to screen and support patients with 2019-nCoV. The functionality is available to users of the latest editions of TrakCare now, and customers in China and multiple other countries, including the United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates have already begun using it. The functionality enables clinicians to screen patients for 2019-nCoV, using World Health Organisation (WHO) guidance, and a link to the Wuhan Coronavirus Global Cases tracking app provided by the Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering in the US. Developed for: Clinicians, Public Health/Government

Iodine Software

To better support healthcare organizations fighting COVID-19, our Data Science team applied their machine learning and artificial intelligence expertise to our more than 20 million inpatient admission database to develop a tool called Patient Triage Escalation & Support (PTEST) designed to better predict at-risk patients for significant pulmonary challenges, ICU admission, and respirator or ECMO support. This workflow tool is now available to new and existing clients, free of charge. Developed for: Clinicians

J2 Global

Consensus, offered by J2 Global, recently launched a free Patient Query service during the COVID-19 crisis, giving front-line providers access to a patient records database and enabling them to prioritize high risk patients and make better decisions at the point of care. Developed for: Clinicians, Public Health/Government, Assisted Living/Elderly Care/Skilled Nursing Care


Map highlighting populations that once infected will have severe outcomes ranging from ICU care to mortality. Specific Vulnerable Patient List is also available for customers. Developed for: Clinicians, Public Health/Government, Assisted Living/Elderly Care/Skilled Nursing Care, Payers

Leading Reach

Offering a free version of the Leading Reach Network, a provider communication and care coordination platform enabling streamlined communication and seamless information sharing across care settings, enhancing care efficiency so providers can keep up with the increasing demand from COVID-19. To help users further navigate these challenging times, Leading Reach is also improving patient communication and education, assisting in coordinating drive through testing and closing the loop on diagnostic results. Developed for: Clinicians

Lumeon (for clients)

Lumeon is sharing use case examples and other ideas for health systems addressing Covid-19 including: pre-appointment screening; pro-active screening of vulnerable patients; monitoring, sign-posting and testing; public health education. Developed for: Clinicians, Public Health/Government


We are providing access to our privacy and security policy library for 90 days, which also includes telecommuting and telemedicine policies, and a management tool to share these with employees. Use the Promotion Code “Q2PolicyKit” at to sign up with no fee. Developed For: Clinicians, Assisted Living/Elderly Care/Skilled Nursing Care


Provide an employer-centric teleservices program to keep employees updated on the disease, provide access to resources for appropriate care, and answer key questions. Also provides real-time monitoring of quarantined individuals – symptoms and vitals tracking paired with proactive interventions when warranted. Developed for: Employers


Aerial by Medecision has integrated COVID-19-specific enhancements to support clients and their employees on the front lines of managing care during this pandemic. These improvements include a series of COVID-19 specific services and supports that you can find detailed at the link below.Medecision is also holding a series of virtual COVID-19 client forums, bringing together leaders from some of the nation’s most prominent health systems and health plans in order to foster the exchange of COVID-19-related information. Medecision clients can register for these forums, and access a dedicated web page with further information on the company’s product and service updates related to COVID-19, through the online Aerial Community.MEDITECH (for clients)

MEDITECH is sharing best practice workflow guides and configuration instructions for patients under investigation (PUI) for COVID-19 to ensure care teams continue to have the proper coronavirus screening procedures in place. They are also offering complimentary deployment of their Scheduled Virtual Visits software capabilities, free of charge for a six-month period to all customers LIVE with Expanse Ambulatory and the Patient Portal. Developed for: Clinicians

Modernizing Medicine

Added free telemedicine capabilities to their specialty-specific electronic health record platform for current and future users. The audio and video capabilities will help specialty physicians see patients remotely to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19, while also providing essential doctor-to-patient communication for those in need of care for other conditions. Developed for: Clinicians


The Patient Experience Cloud (PEC) for COVID-19 gives health systems a fast, easy-to-deploy custom publishing platform with built-in surveys, SMS, and email capabilities, forming the basis for virtual care delivery. It can be deployed without any IT resources, in less than 72 hours and comes with 21 clinically-vetted microlearning videos in English and Spanish along with CDC or WHO content, and can easily be tailored to support the local practice and messaging. Developed for: Clinicians, Public Health/Government, Assisted Living/Elderly Care/Skilled Nursing Care, Consumers

Netsmart (for clients)

Netsmart is providing real-time updates to help providers update their intake processes to respond and report effectively as new cases are reported and monitored. Developed For: Clinicians, Public Health/Government, Assisted Living/Elderly Care/Skilled Nursing Care


NexHealth is offering free telehealth software so doctors and dentists can provide video appointments during COVID-19. Integrated online scheduling, appointment reminders, payments, and forms are free for the first 30 days. Developed for: Clinicians, Public Health/Government, Assisted Living/Elderly Care/Skilled Nursing Care, Dentists


OptimizeRx has integrated alerts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for Coronavirus (COVID-19) into its digital health information network deployed by EHR providers. They also recently launched a free interactive text message alert program available to the general public that delivers coronavirus (COVID-19) information issued by the CDC directly to any SMS-enabled mobile device – just text VIRUS to 55150 to subscribe to the service. They’re hosting webinars as well. Developed for: Government/Public Health, Clinicians, Consumers

Orion Health (for clients)

New tool for clients to remotely monitor and engage patients in their homes, facilitating communication between quarantined people and the healthcare service, as well as maintaining visibility of those recently discharged. They also developed a public-facing tool that provides a regionally configurable online symptom checker with a background calculation of patient risk based on a number of factors. Developed for: Clinicians

Orion Health

A comprehensive virtual care solution to assess, manage and monitor patients at home to alleviate demand across the healthcare system. Safely assess, manage and monitor as many patients as possible at home, freeing up hospital resources for the high risk and chronically ill. Developed for: Clinicians, Public Health/Government, Consumers 


Making a special COVID-19 Preparedness version of RapidRounds available free of charge to help provider organizations prepare for and manage COVID-19. Featuring assessment forms created from the CDC Healthcare Professional Preparedness Checklist For Transport and Arrival of Patients With Confirmed or Possible COVID-19 and the CMS COVID-19 Survey of Facilities, teams can use the RapidRounds COVID-19 Preparedness Edition to help in efforts to address facilities’ preparations to manage through this pandemic. Developed for: Clinicians


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare organizations are working quickly to address potential capacity challenges, communication needs, patient education opportunities, clinician staffing shortfalls, and more. PerfectServe has already supported many clients in their COVID-19 efforts and wants to replicate these benefits for other clients at no charge. To help during this difficult time, PerfectServe is extending the following to all customers:

• Free software and services for Patient & Family Communication (automated patient outreach via text message) for COVID-19 purposes. Carrier message rates may apply.

• Free services to implement best practices for COVID-19 purposes. This offer applies regardless of the PerfectServe solution(s) the customer currently uses—Clinical Communication & Collaboration, Nurse Mobility, Patient & Family Communication, Answering Service, Contact Center, or Provider Scheduling. Developed for: Clinicians


PointClickCare’s Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) solution is a clinical workflow and intelligence solution that helps Infection Preventionists and care teams perform ongoing resident surveillance focused on infection prevention, specifically to proactively manage and control the spread of COVID-19 amongst the senior population. To effectively understand and bring awareness to infections, care teams need an efficient way to review and access centralized case information and facilitate transparency in reporting of infection information across their facilities and communities. Developed for: Assisted Living/Elderly Care/Skilled Nursing Care


For healthcare providers: helps to increase speed to patient payment, recoup outstanding AR, ease burden on billing staff, decrease spread of infection via credit card swiping machines & paper bills. For patients: safe & convenient way to pay medical bills at home on phone, for free during the covid crisis. Developed for: Clinicians/Consumers


Care transitions from the hospital to post-acute care are increasingly important as hospitals need to free up capacity as quickly as possible. Repisodic is providing a free technology platform that speeds up care transitions of COVID-19 patients to free up hospital capacity, especially for those with complex clinical needs. Developed for: Assisted Living/Elderly Care/Skilled Nursing Care, Hospital Case Managers and Social Workers


Rimidi has developed a COVID-19 application for health systems to screen patients and triage them to appropriate next steps in care. As new evidence and protocols emerge, those are incorporated, including ongoing monitoring of patients self-managing at home. We expect the app to be generally available on the major EHR platforms free of charge in March. Developed for: Clinicians, Public Health/Government, Consumers

Solution Reach

SR Health by Solutionreach is offering free 30-day usage of its emergency communications to keep patients connected with providers during the outbreak. Communications include broadcast email and text messaging to all or subsets of patients, two-way text messaging to allow convenient access to patients without increasing call volumes, and the ability to enable telehealth visits by including links in appointment messages. Messaging can be deployed within 48 hours. Developed for: Clinicians, Public Health/Government, Assisted Living/Elderly Care/Skilled Nursing Care,Consumers


Through Health Cloud, Salesforce will provide free access to technology for emergency response teams, call centers, and care management teams for health systems affected by coronavirus. Tableau has developed a free data resource hub to help organizations see and understand coronavirus data in near real-time. Developed for: Clinicians, Other Providers


Saykara has created standardized documentation templates in its virtual assistant Kara expressly for patients being tested/treated for COVID-19 and upper respiratory tract infections (URI), allowing clinicians to complete these patient encounters in the shortest amount of time possible. Saykara is also piloting a telehealth and virtual care solution specifically designed to accommodate the charting of remote patient encounters. Developed for: Clinicians

SONIFI Health (for clients)

SONIFI Health is assisting its healthcare clients by loading COVID-19 video and digital communications onto the facility’s in-room televisions and digital endpoints. Site-specific details about updated guidelines and policies for patients and visitors, as well as any federal, state or local government recommendations, can be deployed into several aspects of the SONIFI Health interactive patient engagement system. Developed for: Clinicians


SR Health by Solutionreach is offering free 30-day usage of its emergency communications to keep patients connected with providers during the outbreak. Communications include broadcast email and text messaging to all or subsets of patients, two-way text messaging to allow convenient access to patients without increasing call volumes, and the ability to enable telehealth visits by including links in appointment messages. Messaging can be deployed within 48 hours. Developed for: Clinicians, Public Health/Government, Assisted Living/Elderly Care/Skilled Nursing Care, Consumers


Healthcare workers are overwhelmed, currently experiencing unprecedented levels of anxiety and stress. Emotional support and coping resources are available 24/7, immediately, with all fees 100% waived. Completely anonymous and no login required. Use the code FRONTLINE at For physicians, nurses, techs, assistants, facilities or staff members, EMTs, pharmacists or mental health professionals. Developed for: Clinicians, Public Health/Government, Assisted Living/Elderly Care/Skilled Nursing Care, Consumers


For home health agencies, Synzi is offering a one-time free emergency message which it can quickly broadcast to an agency’s patients with critical information about the coronavirus. Developed for: Clinicians, Assisted Living/Elderly Care/Skilled Nursing Care

ThirdWave Analytics

Third Wave’s flagship product, Lockbox LIMS, is the world’s first cloud-based end-to-end laboratory information management system built on the platform. Lockbox is used internationally in a wide variety of organizations including R&D, quality control testing, life science research, and industrial laboratories. Lockbox LIMS is 21 CFR Part 11 ready and supports HIPAA, GDPR and GAMP 5 standards. Developed for: Clinicians, Public Health/Government, Consumers


Free COVID-19 Screening & Tracking Tool that fully embeds bidirectionally inside of your instance of Cerner. The app does the following: Track patient’s COVID-19 test status, Segment patient groups based on their test results & physical location, Monitor symptoms checklists, Track relevant lab results, React to summarized comments about patient status, Submit information to the State health department. Developed For: Clinicians, Public Health/Government


UPenn Medicine – CHIME

The Predictive Healthcare team at Penn Medicine has developed a tool that leverages SIR modeling to assist hospitals with capacity planning around COVID-19. The COVID-19 Hospital Impact Model for Epidemics (CHIME) allows hospitals to enter information about their population and modify assumptions around the spread and behavior of COVID-19. It then runs a standard SIR model to project the number of new hospital admissions each day, along with the daily hospital census. These projections can then be used to create best- and worst-case scenarios to assist with capacity planning. Developed for: Clinicians, Public Health

Valhalla Healthcare

Providing intelligent intake and clinical note generation platform to healthcare providers free of charge. Allevia provides a comprehensive digital screening tool for COVID-19 that screens for CDC guidelines, domestic cluster exposure, high-mortality comorbidities, and exposure-morbidity risk stratification. Allevia sends patients a text and email to patients to complete the screener remotely and sends the clinic a draft H&P note containing a COVID-19 Risk Assessment summary (in addition to other relevant clinical detail). Developed for: Clinicians, Public Health


Offering a standalone remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution specifically designed to continuously monitor vulnerable or exposed populations for the emergence of COVID-19 symptoms. Validic’s standalone RPM solution enables patients to enter their symptoms, body temperature, and SPO2 readings from their home devices into a secure, web-hosted portal. The solution is free for current Validic clients, and low-cost for non-clients.

Verge Health

Verge Health is offering at no cost to all healthcare organizations access to their Compliance Rounding solution with the COVID-19 CDC Hospital Preparedness Assessment and CMS Infection Prevention Worksheet available. The solution drives compliance, captures findings, and ensures resolution of these industry recommendations. Developed for: Clinicians

Vivify Health

Vivify Health has developed COVID-19 Screening, Self-Isolation and Monitoring Pathway for its Vivify +Go mobile solution. The Screening Pathway enables low-risk patients or those with mild symptoms to use their mobile devices to self-screen for COVID-19 by answering a series of questions that follow current CDC guidelines and helps providers by reducing the potential for an onslaught of concerned clients / patients descending on one facility. Developed for: Clinicians, Public Health/Government, Assisted Living/Elderly Care/Skilled Nursing Care

Zynx Health

Zynx Health is offering complimentary evidence-based order sets and care plans to help care providers make informed decisions when caring for patients diagnosed with COVID-19. Developed for: Clinicians

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