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Convergence & Divergence Among the Big Three EHR Vendors

by John Moore | November 09, 2018

Chilmark Bight: Allscripts, Cerner, Epic Fall 2018 User Meetings

Image originally appeared in Healthcare IT News

This fall, the three largest EHR vendors by revenue, Allscripts, Cerner and Epic, held their user conferences. This research note provides an overview of each vendor’s strategic intent, areas of future focus and our assessment.

Key Takeaways

  • Across all vendors, EHR development resources are on the wane. EHR focus is on usability improvements and moving to cloud-hosted solutions with wrap-around services.
  • Dominant message: Ensure clients are extracting highest value from their EHR – little agreement among vendors as to how that value is measured.
  • RCM is the near-term extensible app opportunity for Cerner and Allscripts.
  • All vendors tout their patient engagement capabilities. Cerner will follow Allscripts moving to an EHR-agnostic patient engagement platform.
  • Strong investments in value-based care/population health capabilities, including services. Chief differentiator is the analytics platform they run on.

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