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Consumer-Driven Models of Care: Healthcare’s New Front Door

by | January 28, 2015

The Revolution

One of the trending topics in healthcare right now is that of the “consumer revolution.” With so many changes happening – the way care is being delivered, who is paying for it, how technology is influencing decision making from doctors to insurers to individuals – the time is ripe for a rethinking of the traditional model of “the doctor will see you now.”

Over the course of 2014, it’s become clear that this trend is here to stay. What’s not yet clear is how exactly these new models will impact the industry. This month’s domain monitor, offers a high level look at some of the specific models and enabling technologies that are slated for a big year of growth in 2015. We will also outline some of the major implications for industry incumbents and break down how various segments of the healthcare market are (or are not) preparing for this sea change.

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