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Connected Care: Are We There Yet?

by | July 27, 2015


Healthcare organizations (HCOs) are acknowledging the need for next generation tools to realize the promise of newer models of cost-effective, outcomes-driven population health management. As reimbursement changes and business challenges put pressure on the current model of one-to-one, episode-based treatment, the need has emerged for continuous data collection on high-risk patients, in a one-to-many management framework. Yet the reality on the ground is less clear. While the general value proposition of connected care is well understood at this stage, the specific business case remains murky: which use cases, disease states, and patient populations provide the best starting point? To what extent can existing investments be leveraged to enable new models? How much do these solutions cost, and what is the anticipated ROI? With so many vendors angling to serve this market, which approaches rise to the top?

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