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Free Report: The Migration to Clinician Network Management

by John Moore lll | April 05, 2014

Publish Date: April 2014

To ensure future viability, if not success, healthcare organizations (HCOs) will need to do a far better job of communicating patient clinical and administrative information across their networks of owned and affiliated physician partners. Networks of clinicians working on HCO-derived care pathways are essential to providers’ ability to manage risk, reduce variability and provide higher quality, appropriate, patient-centric care.

Until recently, health information exchange (HIE) deployments focused primarily on moving limited clinical datasets among a tightly circumscribed network of clinicians. As a result, a number of existing HIE efforts have failed to deliver the breadth of clinical or financial benefits that HCOs had hoped for. However, in the past year, this has begun to change as HCOs look to support patient engagement and care coordination initiatives with their HIE solution suites.

This report looks beyond the common HIE use cases and vocabulary in use today and defines a new term, Clinician Network Management (CNM). Our goal is to encourage HCOs of all sizes to reconsider their HIEs, as something more than information exchange, namely a platform to support a variety of clinician information needs at the point of care.

To assess the market’s readiness to move beyond simple exchange to CNM, we conducted a number of in-depth telephone interviews with senior executive leaders across a wide cross-section of HCOs. While the actual number of interviews conducted was limited our research did uncover distinctive patterns in the industry that are outlined in this report.

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