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Migration to Connected Health: Opportunities and Challenges in Remote Patient Monitoring

by Brian Eastwood | December 16, 2015

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While remote patient monitoring (RPM) may be a simple concept to understand, the research we conducted for this report revealed a complex landscape with different technology models and business cases. Carefully dissecting the approaches taken by a wide array of industries – medical device manufacturers, enterprise software vendors, pharmaceutical companies, health insurers, and several startups – this research report presents an underlying, multi-stage model for turning patient sensors into an actionable, real-time data feedback loop.

A Model for Remote Patient Monitoring

A Model for Remote Patient Monitoring

In compiling this report, Chilmark Research spoke with over a dozen organizations from across the healthcare landscape – payers, providers, and vendors. The resulting analysis features specific examples from best-in-class vendors and delivery systems, as well as insight into how connected health is evolving in the face of shifting technology and payment landscapes.

The report uncovers a set of wide-ranging market trends, including but not limited to the commoditization of the sensor and hardware landscape, the evolution of pricing models as vendors pivot from payer-driven pilots towards enterprise-level deployments, the emergence of cloud-based platforms and their influence on virtual care, and an analysis of recent industry partnerships and acquisitions and their implications.

Providers have their work cut out for them, both in understanding their own needs, assets, and business objectives when it comes to RPM, and making sense of a fragmented vendor landscape. To this end, the report offers a concrete set of insights to health system executives, vendors, consultants, and others interested in building a connected health model.

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