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Beyond the Portal: Technology for Improved Consumer Engagement

by Brian Eastwood | September 20, 2016

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Today, there is no all-in-one solution that provides the functionality required for the next generation of consumer engagement in healthcare. This new report clearly articulates how HCOs and other key stakeholders in the healthcare industry must work together to bring those features into a single platform that benefits all consumers regardless of age, health status, technological proficiency, or socioeconomic status.

Features such as bidirectional messaging with members of an extended care team, multimedia educational resources, interactive health coaching, and integration with community and other non-clinical resources remain in silos today, creating complexity for the consumer. Overcoming this will require a broader, more open framework and technology architecture than what patient portals today can provide.

Based on briefings with more than 20 solution providers across a number of domains as well as extensive secondary research, this Insight Report from Chilmark Research will:

  • Investigate why the patient portal needs to be replaced.
  • Address the challenges in replacing the portal.
  • Describe the architecture of the “new” portal.
  • Discuss which stakeholders in the healthcare industry will drive its development.
  • Provide a five-year market outlook and model for healthcare organizations (HCOs) investing in this new technology.

The report provides several important frameworks for HCOs and vendors, including: 

  • A Next-Generation Engagement Model that spans modalities of care for all types of consumers, regardless of age, socioeconomic status, level of health, type of insurance, or familiarity with technology.  
  • An Engagement Solution Maturity Model that describes how next-generation solutions will evolve through 2018, 2020, and beyond. 
  • An Investment Model for Engagement Solutions that identifies how HCOs that are leading the way, following, and waiting for guidance will approach their engagement strategies in the next three to five years. 

Above all, this report will explain the main reasons why a replacement for today’s patient portal, no matter how inadequate, won’t come quickly or easily.

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