Cerner-Lumeris Partnership: Moving into the Value-Based Services Business

by | Aug 16, 2018


On July 9th, Cerner and Lumeris announced a 10-year, $266M partnership to build a new EHR-agnostic technology and service solution called Maestro Advantage designed for health systems transitioning to value-based care strategies. The solution will include Cerner’s HealtheIntent platform (registries, EDW, analytics, provider engagement, longitudinal record, care management) along with Lumeris’ population health management and advisory services. It will also use Lumeris clinical and provider engagement methodologies including physician incentive programs, operational governance, clinical collaboration, plan performance, Stars performance and the predictive analytics Lumeris gained from its Forecast Health acquisition. Collaborations like Maestro Advantage will potentially change provider expectations of the role of payer entities and compel them to prioritize waste that has historically grown in the gaps between these two sides of care.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cerner announced a 10-year partnership and acquired a minority stake in Lumeris, a provider of strategic advisory and technology-enabled population health services
  • The partnership creates a new combined offering, Maestro Advantage, which is a technology and services enabled solution combining Cerner’s HealtheIntent platform and Lumeris’ collaborative risk-based model.
  • Initially will be focused on helping IDNs that are interested in setting up a Medicare Advantage plan or are already taking risk for MA through an existing PSHP or third-party payor.
  • This partnership provides an ‘early-mover’ advantage for Cerner over their EHR competitors.
  • Cerner acquires valued-based care service capabilities instead of having to develop them in-house as they have down with their other outsourcing offerings (e.g., ITWorks, RevWorks)
  • Yet another entrant and option available to provider organizations in the rapidly-expanding and dynamic MA market place.

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