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CCHIT is Looking for $$$

by John Moore | November 21, 2008

A significant portion of CCHIT’s funding has come from the government, though they have been able to shrink that reliance to roughly 50% or so of operating costs through the fees they charge EMR vendors to “certify” their products.  But federal funds run out in March 2009 and CCHIT may not have a guarantee for future funding, particularly in today’s dismal financial climate.  Also, we at Chilmark Research are not terribly convinced that CCHIT has had all that much impact on HIT adoption to date, which still stands at appaulingly low rates.

So what might CCHIT do?

Well, they are now seeking your input to help them define what other ripe market opportunties there are for them to exploit…

Opps, we meant to say that CCHIT is now seeking communty input on other areas in the HIT sector that are in need of certification that will promote interoperability and HIT adoption.

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