So What?

by John Moore III | March 09, 2022

Show me the Money! Expected Health IT Investment Activity for 2022

Virtual care and consumer-centric hype has dwindled. What's next? The last two years have seen an explosion of interest in new models of virtual care in response to the COVID19 public health emergency. The need to continue providing care while reducing the volume of patients actively visiting brick and mortar

by John Moore III | May 19, 2021

So What? Your Guide to the Biden Administration’s Key Health IT Influencers, Appointees and Leaders

Breaking Down What to Expect in a Changing Landscape Chilmark Research is proud to introduce a new video series, "So What?" In this series, we'll be distilling down some of the more nuanced ideas and concepts that our research covers, not only for healthcare and HIT professionals, but everyday users
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