Value Based Care

by Elena Iakovleva | December 22, 2022

Home Sweet Home

The CMS Hospital at Home Program Key Takeaways Hospital at Home (H@H) programs are growing in popularity and will remain on the rise in 2023 if CMS extends their waiver policy in 2023/2024.Major benefit of H@H is to have extra beds for sicker patients. To make H@H program financially sustainable

by Jody Ranck | December 05, 2022

Race, Data and the Complexities of Health Equity

Key Insights from Recent Research Key Takeaways A growing number of organizations are pointing out the racial biases in some medical algorithms with calls for fairness. While the identification of bias tends to be straightforward, the means for creating fair algorithms is much more complicated.  Many approaches to fairness in

by Fatma Niang | November 29, 2022

Less Disruption Please

Making an Impact with athenahealth I was pleased to attend athenahealth’s Analyst Day for the first time on November 8th and 9th. The event was not only quite fun, but also let me gain insight into the why behind their market positioning. Interoperability: More Than a Buzzword After the Monday

by John Moore | August 31, 2022

UGM’22: Perspective of a Newbie

Elena Iokovleva Chilmark Research is publishing two perspectives of this year’s UGM. Elena provides a perspective from one who has never attended a major vendor’s user conference. The second, to follow in a couple of days, will be from a grizzled veteran of these events – heck, I can’t even

by Colin Rogers | May 31, 2022

Welcome to the Team, Lyz!

Here at Chilmark Research, we're expanding our reach and growing our team! Elizabeth "Lyz" Kneeland is the latest addition to our analyst team; she brings a variety of skills to the table and we're excited to add her expertise to the company. The following is a piece that she wrote

by Colin Rogers | April 27, 2022

The Future of Efficient Data Exchange with Paul Wilder

Breaking Down Data Walls: TEFCA and the Work of the CommonWell Health Alliance Moving towards clean, efficient data exchange has long been a thorn in the side of healthcare organizations across the globe. How do large entities dealing with thousands of transactions every day maintain easy-to-use, accessible databases while ensuring

by John Moore III | February 08, 2022

Flashy Isn’t Everything: Addressing Essential Healthcare Needs as a VC

Following the money in healthcare with Jessica Zeaske, PhD, Managing Partner - Strategic Investment at Echo Health Ventures It's what everyone wants to know, both in healthcare and the wide world of business overall: what's the next big thing? What opportunities are there for investment and growth? In our industry,

by Jody Ranck | December 16, 2021

AI4Ops: A Data-Driven Solution to Burnout and Administrative Waste

Key Takeaways The pandemic offered an opportunity for a number of AI in Operations (AI4Ops) vendors to demonstrate a measurable ROI during the crisis. While much of the attention in health IT over the past year has focused on the rise of virtual care, we found that vendors in the
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