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by John Moore | October 28, 2022

Oracle’s Acquisition of Cerner – Best Thing that Could Have Happened?

I have had doubts about this acquisition. However, after attending OCHC, those doubts have turned themselves around. Having spoken to several of the Oracle executives overseeing the Oracle-Cerner transition at OCHC, I am now far more bullish on this acquisition – this is likely the best outcome for Cerner. Cerner

by John Moore | October 21, 2022

MEDITECH in the Chrysalis

Anticipating What Will Emerge A couple of weeks ago, I attended MEDITECH Live, a conference that brought senior MEDITECH client leadership together to share ideas on how best to serve their patient base. Having never been to a MEDITECH event, I looked forward to meeting this customer base and learning

by Elizabeth Kneeland | October 04, 2022

Hope for Healthcare at HAS22

I attended the HASummit’22 as a first timer, accompanying our seasoned leader and expert analyst John Moore. He summarized his thoughts in a blog post that I highly recommend you read before reading mine. Key Attribute: Trust John referred to the strong relationships between Health Catalyst (HC) and their 300+

by John Moore | September 30, 2022

HASummit’22: For Real, In-Person

The Health Catalyst-sponsored HASummit was last in person way back in 2019. Two successive years of virtual HAS and I was completely done with it. Virtual events simply do not hold a candle to in-person ones, where ad hoc conversations flourish in a gathering of attendees who want to dig

by John Moore | September 02, 2022

Pushing Hard: Epic’s UGM’22

This being the first full-on UGM since the pandemic (yes, there was a UGM last year, albeit thinly attended) it was a crowded affair with some 12,000 or so attendees. Looking back over our notes one thing is clear; despite all the turmoil in the health IT market, especially among

by John Moore | August 31, 2022

UGM’22: Perspective of a Newbie

Elena Iokovleva Chilmark Research is publishing two perspectives of this year’s UGM. Elena provides a perspective from one who has never attended a major vendor’s user conference. The second, to follow in a couple of days, will be from a grizzled veteran of these events – heck, I can’t even

by Elena Iakovleva | May 20, 2022

Telehealth in C Minor

High and Low Notes from the ATA Conference The timing for the annual American Telehealth Association (ATA) conference, which occurred last week, was far from ideal. The recent dip in the public market for telehealth companies led to a less than inspiring event which, according to most vendors, was significantly

by John Moore III | May 17, 2022

Healthcare Data Platforms: Getting to Network Effects with Jonathan Bush

Healthcare is a notorious slow mover when it comes to adoption of technologies and strategies. As new tech becomes available, it's been a challenge for the industry to keep up with other sectors of the economy; the pace of implementation has lagged, to the detriment of patients, physicians, and everyone
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