by John Moore | February 28, 2008

Google’s Schmidt Outlines Health Platform

Though Google announced the formal unveiling of their PHR last week, via the deal with Cleveland Clinic, today was the true coming out event when Google CEO Eric Schmidt formally introduced Google Health to the throngs at HIMSS during his keynote. Based on the demo I received at HIMSS, conversations

by John Moore | February 27, 2008

HIMSS – Part Deux

Back home from my two day whirlwind tour of HIMSS. Here's what I have for you from Day Two. Significantly slower on Tuesday, though it did pick up later in the afternoon. So was everyone out playing golf or hanging out by the pool before the rain set in, or

by John Moore | February 21, 2008

Taking Baby Steps, Google & Cleveland Clinic Partner on PHRs

Late yesterday, the Cleveland Clinic announced that they have partnered with Google to do a pilot (beta) of the Google PHR. Cleveland Clinic intends to allow, by invitation, about 1-10% of its existing 100,000+ users of the Epic-based patient portal (a tethered PHR) called MyChart to participate in this trial.

by John Moore | February 20, 2008

Big News – Microsoft Fulfills Promise, HealthVault Opens Up

Received a note from a Microsoft representative today with some pretty big news regarding HealthVault.  The news centers around efforts that the HealthVault team are taking to simplify the development, by partners, of solutions that will leverage the HealthVault platform.  These efforts can be broken down into three distinct steps:

by John Moore | February 18, 2008

HIMSS – PHR Platforms MIA

Received an email this weekend from the organizers of the big healthcare IT conference, HIMSS, which will be held next week in Orlando. This is the BIG EVENT, where virtually all present and future players in the HIT market come to pontificate on HIT's future (e.g., both Google's and Revolution

by John Moore | February 08, 2008

Wal-Mart EMR Mandate Implications

Wal-Mart, over the last few years has been aggressively moving into the healthcare market with one of its first big moves being the selling of some generics for $4/prescription. In an investor call last month, Wal-Mart went further hinting that it wishes to enter the pharmaceutical benefits management (PBM) market.

by John Moore | January 30, 2008

PHRs vs. RHIOs and the Rise of the PHS

I do not see a long-term future for Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIOs).  There is no compelling reason for most healthcare practices to participate in an RHIO and in many cases, such participation may compromise a provider's competitive position. Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) on the other hand will see localized

by John Moore | January 24, 2008

NEWS FLASH: Google Opens Kimono Offering Health Beta

Today, Google opened the doors to a Beta version of its consumer health site.  Based on that landing page, quite clear that unlike Microsoft, Google will offer a full fledged Personal Health Record (PHR) for the consumer.  In addition to the base PHR functionality they will be providing, Google Health
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