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by John Moore | August 10, 2012

Why We Won’t See EHR Consolidation Anytime Soon

All too frequently I get the question: When will we see the EHR market consolidate? Not an unreasonable question considering just how many EHRs there are in the market today (north of 300) and all the buzz regarding growth in health IT adoption. There was even a recent post postulating that major

by John Moore | May 10, 2012

At Last, It’s Here: 2012 HIE Market Report

This morning we announced the release of our latest report: 2012 HIE Market Report: Analysis and Trends of the Health information Exchange Market. As we found in last year's report, the HIE Market and the vendors that serve it continues to be a very dynamic. In little over a year

by John Moore | August 16, 2011

HIE Market Snippets

In January, we released our HIE Market Report: Analysis & Trends which was extremely well-received. Sales have exceeded our rather optimistic projections - great for us. But what we are most proud of and honestly what keeps us going is that others are also gaining value from this report, especially

by John Moore | February 17, 2010

CCD Standard Gaining Traction, CCR Fading

In a number of interviews with leading HIE vendors, it is becoming clear that the clinical standard, Continuity of Care Document (CCD) will be the dominant standard in the future.  The leading competing standard, Continuity of Care Record (CCR) appears to be fading with one vendor stating that virtually no

by John Moore | January 03, 2010

Part One: Stage One Meaningful Use Winners

As required by legislation in the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA), HHS/CMS released rules for the meaningful use of certified EHRs before the end of 2009 (late the afternoon of Dec. 30th).  Others have already written plenty on what is actually stated in these rules, therefore, let’s take a

by John Moore | February 19, 2009

Techies: SNOMED, HL7 Semantic Interoperability

Just came across this document that you'll find on Scrib, which is a bit over my head, but quite sure some of the visitors to Chilmark Research will find it useful.  A team comprised of UK NHS reps and others from the US put together the guide with the expressed

by John Moore | January 14, 2009

Medicity and Novo Merge: Brilliant or Desparate Move?

While a rumor was leaked about a week ago that Medicity and Novo Innovations would merge, the rumor became official this morning.  The merger of these two vendors in the nascent RHIO/HIE (Regional Health Information Organization/Health Information Exchange) market is brilliant move bringing together two companies with distinct, but complimentary

by John Moore | December 23, 2008

2008, What was Hot, What was Not

One of the nice things about all the writing done over the past year is that one can go back, apply some analytics and see exactly what topics/posts were popular over the past year. So, drumroll please... Following are the Top Ten Posts at Chilmark Research for 2008 with brief
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