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by John Moore | July 07, 2020

COVID-19: A Forcing Function for Value Based Care?

COVID-19 is alive and well in the U.S. In the last six days alone, COVID cases have increased by over 386,000. We never got over the first wave and here we go again with a dramatic rise in new cases in the majority of states across the country. COVID-19 continues

by Brian Eastwood | August 07, 2017

The Patient Data Access Debate Is About Culture, Not Technology

The fight about a patient’s ability to access his or her digital health data is often fought privately and individually, waged over the phone or at the counter of hospital’s records department. When it does become public, it’s often on a small scale – a social media conversation, one session

by Brian Eastwood | January 12, 2016

Without Communication, Coordinated Care Is Still Just Care

Back in October, I tore my left calf in the middle of a marathon. Like any crazy runner worth his weight in energy gel, I still finished the race, even if it meant limping around for the rest of the day and driving myself to urgent care when I woke

by Brian Eastwood | September 02, 2015

Bringing Enthusiasm to the Consumer Health Tech Revolution

You can’t travel too far on the Internet without tripping over an article, report, survey, or commentary lamenting the state of engagement in the healthcare industry. A lot of this talk focuses on the poor quality of technology that healthcare organizations (HCOs) use in their feeble efforts to engage with

by ndrao | July 02, 2015

Free Data, Wishful Thinking

This weekend, we will round the corner into America’s 239th birthday. Fresh off of two historic Supreme Court cases, many across the country are celebrating their newfound freedoms, from better access to healthcare (officially, this time...) to more equal treatment for our gay and lesbian citizens. Even as we celebrate these

by ndrao | April 21, 2015

Progress Amidst the Stumbles: Patient Engagement at #HIMSS15

We went into Chicago for this year's HIMSS with an eye on the engagement space, and left with a sense that the market is undeniably moving forward. That being said,  engagement is still a messy, immature area for healthcare,  which was typified (and perhaps exacerbated) in the chaotic, unorganized jungle of

by ndrao | April 01, 2015

HIMSS’15: Patient & Consumer Engagement Watchlist

Tough to believe that another HIMSS is nearly upon us. Yet several weeks away, we find ourselves already fully booked up with vendor briefings, press requests, media interviews, and the like. While the excitement and energy of the annual HIMSS show are undeniable, those who have been to the show

by John Moore | January 27, 2015

A Sneak Peek at Austria’s ELGA

Today I had the pleasure of having lunch with an informatics professor from the University of Wien and got an inside look into health IT in Austria. The highlight of our conversation was a discussion regarding ELGA - Austria's national health information network. ELGA Synopsis Timeline: ELGA is an Austrian government funded
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