by John Moore | October 26, 2010

SureScripts, A Defacto NHIN

Yesterday in New Orleans, SureScripts announced a new line of business: Clinical Interoperability. Leveraging their existing ePrescribing solution platform, currently serving over 200K physicians nationwide, and combining it with the technology stack of messaging solution provider Kryptiq, SureScripts will offer providers, EHR vendors, HIEs and other stakeholders the opportunity to

by John Moore | September 07, 2010

Feds Set Example for Data Portability

The Personal Health Record (PHR) market is fraught with challenges. First there is the issue of getting personal health information (PHI), which is most often not in a common digital, computable format such as a CCD or CCR-based file. Even when PHI is in a common data standard, such as

by John Moore | April 30, 2010

Making Sense of the NHIN

The National Health Information Network (NHIN), which was the previous ONC head's (Kolodner) top priority, or at least seemed that way is a concept that has its advocates and detractors.  To date, we have been more of a detractor as the original NHIN was a very heavy, top down approach

by John Moore | March 17, 2010

Relax Meaningful Use… but Not Too Much

Reading through the headlines, the press releases and checking in on today's HIT Policy Committee meeting, it appears that the over-riding theme of comments regarding Meaningful Use (MU) rules (these were due by COB on 3/15) is to relax the rules, particularly regarding reimbursement and clarify other requirements of MU

by John Moore | January 12, 2010

Analysis: MediConnect Acquires PHR Vendor, PassportMD

Yesterday, MediConnect announced that it had acquired Florida-based PHR vendor, PassportMD. The acquisition is a good move by MediConnect as it will allow them to extend beyond just collecting records on behalf of consumers (it offers such a service on Google Health), but now provide consumers with a solution to

by John Moore | January 05, 2010

Achieving Meaningful Use: View from the Trenches

Since the Meaningful Use and Certification proposed rules have been released, have read numerous articles, posts and tweets to gain some perspective on the ramifications of these rules on the market.  The best piece I've read by far is that from Beth Israel Deaconess's (BIDMC) own CIO, John Halamka.  As

by John Moore | December 17, 2009

Top 10 Things to Consider When Choosing a PHR

At some point, hopefully in the not so distant future, physicians, clinics and hospitals will reach for the ARRA/HITECH Act carrot, adopt a certified EHR and demonstrate meaningful use.  One proposed requirement for meaningful use that will likely pass through the CMS rule making process is the requirement allowing citizens

by John Moore | September 23, 2009

Pushing ONC to Act on Consumer’s Behalf

Just about anything you hear coming out of HHS's ONC office is with regards to digitizing the doctor's office.  This is somewhat understandable as there is some $36B in ARRA funding just waiting for the rules on "meaningful use" (MU) to come out of CMS sometime in December. Until those
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