Blockchain in Healthcare Webinar

Chilmark Research is publishing its first report on Blockchain for Payers and Providers which takes a close look at the most compelling use cases for blockchain in this ecosystem. From claims management to care coordination to revenue cycle management, we are beginning to see both large consulting firms and tech platforms, as well as startups, offering new products and services to address a number of important pain points for providers and payers. As it is extremely early in the development of the blockchain technology, we are a long way from seeing mature offerings. Yet we are now at a point where interest, hype, and investment are growing rapidly, making mid-2018 an important moment to assess how the blockchain ecosystem is evolving and what the important efforts to pay attention to are.

In this webinar we will provide an overview of Chilmark’s research and be joined by two experts in the area, Dr. John Halamka and Vince Kuraitis, who will provide their unique perspectives. Dr. Halamka will be able to provide practical insights based on his experience with two blockchain startup efforts. Vince Kuraitis is a well-known expert on platform strategies in healthcare with deep knowledge of decentralization, tokenization and strategies for leveraging the network effects of blockchain.

This webinar will provide useful insights into current efforts as well as frameworks for understanding what the future may hold.

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