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Berkman Done, Next Up TEPR, Update Report

by John Moore | May 16, 2008


Was at the Berkman Center Conference, an event focused on the future of the Internet.  It being at Harvard, and Berkman traditionally being associated with the Law School, more than enough policy and political discourse for my tastes.  Not to say it wasn’t interesting, actually quite thought provoking, just not along the lines of what I was looking for, e.g., the business of the Internet, new modalities of delivering software, services and the like.  No, discussion focused more on broad consumer issues and a lot on such things as content copyrights, the future of publishing (books, magazines and newspapers), libraries, even the future of academic institutions like Harvard – you get the idea.

In fact, there was almost an elitists disdain for business.  Didn’t take it personally,  just chalked it up to academics.  Having worked at MIT for 7 years, did learn a bit about what makes them tick.

Big Take Away: Young hotshot, Jonathan Zittrain, who is currently at Oxford and being aggressively recruited by both Harvard and Stanford is quite amazing.  Don’t miss the chance to hear him speak if he is in your area or at an event you are attending.  His just finished book: The Future of the Internet – And How to Stop It is excellent.


Next week, it’s off to the TEPR conference, attending for the first time, where I’ll be giving a “State of the PHR Market” presentation based on our research which has culminated in a comprehensive 104 page report that includes profiles on 20 vendors, some you have heard of and some interesting ones that you may have missed.  If you are attending TEPR, I’ll be presenting on Tuesday afternoon at 4:30, Rm 209, title of presentation: Evolving PHR Market, New Actors, New Directions

Speaking of report…
had hoped to have the “store” up for interested readers to buy the report today, but alas, putting together one of those online stores was more challenging than planned.  The report, however, is completed and the ability to purchase the report will be available next week.  If you have already requested being notified, I have your email on file and will inform you when you can pick-up a copy.  For other interested parties, just send an email to: info @ chilmarkresearch.com and I’ll put you on the list.

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