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ARRA, EHRs, Health Reform and ‘Meaningful Use’ Debate

by John Moore | June 26, 2009

Yesterday, myself and healthcare lawyer David Harlow gave our thoughts and views on ARRA legislation, the recently released draft recommendations for “meaningful use” and ” certified EHRs” in a social media experiment: Blog Post Radio.

The purpose of the one hour broadcast was to provide listeners with further background on what is actually happening with the ARRA/HITECH Act, how it looks like the $30B+ will be spent in support of EHR adoption and what providers need to be thinking about today to align with forthcoming requirements to receive reimbursement for EHR purchases.

This blog radio broadcast was hosted by Gregg Masters of San Diego a healthcare executive who has worked in the healthcare industry, primarily with providers for the last 30 some odd years.

ARRA, EHRs, Health Reform and ‘Meaningful Use’ Debate

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