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Are You Sure You Want that Genetic Test?

by John Moore | July 03, 2008

Last night, PBS’s science show, ScienceNow (a spin-off of Nova) had a story looking at the controversial issue of consumer initiated genetic testing from such services as 23andMe, DecodeMe, Helix Health, and Navigenics. The brief video (~10 minutes), does a nice job of framing the issues (though the intro with the “liability rejection” is alarmist in light of recent legislation) with regards to such genetics’ tests.

One of the scientists interviewed, Dr. Rudy Tanzi happens to be the my son’s boss (he’s working in the Tanzi lab at MGH). Through this “connection” I’ll be having an interview with Tanzi next week to further discuss the benefits and risks of genetic tests and will post a report of that interview.

Which gets me to thinking, when will Google Health announce a partnership with 23andMe? They are already funding it, seems like a no-brainer.

4 responses to “Are You Sure You Want that Genetic Test?”

  1. Pamo says:

    Are You Sure You Want that Genetics Test?

    I believe it is Genetic Test!

  2. John says:

    Thank you Pamo.

  3. Fredric says:

    It is genetics! But it isn’t disease. They’re your genes. Why should you require a physician to learn more about who you are? Besides, how many physicians do you know who had a course in genetics anytime in their career? Not many. Sure, some can help if you have questions, but they should start with you first.

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