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Apple Dominates Mobile Web

by John Moore | January 08, 2009

Couple days back we put up a post on the serious money being made by those developing apps for the iPhone.  What we failed to mention is that Apple actually has two products for the mobile Web, the iPhone and the iTouch.  iTouch has all the features of the iPhone, sans phone.

Read, Write, Web, just put up an article quoting the latest data from AdMob (AdMob is an “advertising marketplace for mobile ads”).  As AdMob is in the business of assisting advertisers in ad placement, they have their fingers on the pulse of mobile advertising and their numbers show Apple’s mobile OS with an absolutely dominating position in North America at 46% market share (RIM followed at 19%).  On the worldwide stage, Apple’s OS is not all that far behind world leader Nokia, with its Symbian OS (32% and 41% respectively).

What was most astounding in the article though was the growth in iTouch mobile Web requests, jumping from 86M in Nov. to 292M in Dec.  That’s over 3x jump – Wow!

So all you developers out there looking to build novel mHealth apps, while everyone talks about building apps for the iPhone, us included, you are actually getting two for the price of one.  Sounds just like the kind of deal in the local retailer’s window this morning.

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