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Another HUGE Acquisition in HIE Market

by John Moore | December 07, 2010

Just as we are trying to put the final touches to the forthcoming HIE Market Report, another major HIE vendor gets acquired and again it is a very big fish swallowing a small and very pricey little fish. Geez, they are making our life difficult here at Chilmark.

This morning, Aetna announced that it will acquire Medicity for some $500M.  With United Health Group’s Ingenix acquiring Medicity’s top competitor, Axolotl earlier this year and now Medicity being picked up, the HIE market is going through a major upheaval with few, (one could even argue none) strong, independent HIE vendors left.

Chilmark Research will reach-out to both Medicity and Aetna to get their take on this acquisition as well as competing vendors as this really is a pretty big deal for all players in the HIE market.

5 responses to “Another HUGE Acquisition in HIE Market”

  1. Tim Elwell says:

    You had better get your report out soon. Otherwise, you might want to look for space in a payer magazine. Additionally, there have been many changes to the HIE products and solutions. When do you intend to do a refresh?

  2. Congrats to Medicity! That’s a nice payday for them. That’s definitely an issue to have no independent HIE. How many people really want to participate in a payer HIE?

  3. ShimCode says:

    Public healthcare option? Provider-focused? Ha! Seems just the opposite is happening:

    Behemoth payers are buying up HIE’s and myriad other anciallary IT products and services.

    United Health essentially owns a bank with OptumHealth.

    Trizetto is a major player in the payer space and they went private a couple years ago.

    Verizon and large data carriers are getting into the game.

    What an exciting time to be in the healthcare IT space!

  4. […] Big HIE fish swallow small. With Aetna picking up health information exchange vendor Medicity for $500 million earlier this week, and UnitedHealth Group’s Ingenix buying Medicity’s top competitor, Axolotl, earlier this year, the HIE market is going through a major upheaval with few (one could even argue no) strong, independent vendors left, according to Chilmark Research. […]

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