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AMA’s Filler Piece on PHRs is a Disservice to Physicians

by John Moore | December 03, 2007

December 3rd issue of the American Medical Association’s weekly news rag, American Medical News, has an ever so brief article on Personal Health Records.  Now I would be the last one to complain about brevity and though it may not always appear that way, strive for such in my own writings.  But if you are going to be brief, provide something juicy.  The AMA piece is about as juicy as a piece of drift wood.

Unfortunately, physicians who may rely on this publication for news are not getting the full story on PHRs today as we near the end of 2007.  The article quotes a now dated 2006 Markle study and makes vague references to other activities in the market without citing any specific examples.  Hopefully, their next PHR article will provide the reader with far better analysis than this apparent filler piece as physician acceptance of PHRs will be crucial in the future.

And if you, reader, want to learn more about the PHR market, or at least what I have written on the topic since I started this Blog, just click on PHR acronym in the Tag Cloud to your right.

2 responses to “AMA’s Filler Piece on PHRs is a Disservice to Physicians”

  1. PLD says:

    Since I doubt anyone would consider an article stretched across two full pages (with an additional two sidebars) “an ever so brief” article, it occurred to me that you likely only got the first few graphs of the story since a login is required for full access. If you shoot me an email I’d be happy to send you the full text.

  2. […] week, in a brief post, I chided the AMA for this poor article which caught the attention of the article’s author.  […]

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