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All You Need to Know About Indivo

by John Moore | January 08, 2008

I’ve done a couple of posts on Indivo in the past as this is the technology platform for the massive Personal Health System initiative of the employer-led consortium, Dossia.

A paper in the registration package from the recent PCHRI event was on Indivo written by the lead researchers at the Children’s Hospital Informatics Program (CHIP). This is a well written paper about the Indivo platform; the technology and architecture, the philosophy by which it has been developed over the last decade, and some inkling as to where future development will be focused. Paper also has an excellent set of references at the end for those who want to dig deeper.

You’ll find this paper over at a very cool site – BioMed Central, a medical resource library founded on similar principles to “Open Source” providing free access to peer reviewed biomedical research. This link will take you directly to the paper, but do encourage you to look closer at BioMed Central and consider registering.

3 responses to “All You Need to Know About Indivo”

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  2. Give me a ending reference on the topics.

    • John says:

      Patricia, not sure what you are actually asking for here. Would encourage you to click links in the post and follow that up with some basic Googling

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