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The first principle of the Hippocratic oath is “Do no harm.” As medical science has advanced exponentially in the past decades, greatly improving the physician toolkit, technology has lagged dramatically, only recently experiencing the level of interest seen in other industries. As a society, we can only estimate how much harm this lack of modernization has directly or indirectly caused patients, and that is unacceptable.

Everything we do at Chilmark Research is based on our conviction that IT can transform healthcare, if deployed, adopted, and used effectively.

Since the HITECH Act of 2008, there has been a huge boom in the health IT industry, full of fantastic innovations to improve care delivery, yet complicated by marketing noise and hype. Effective, strategic implementation of these technology advancements has the potential to unlock and employ those scientific innovations most effectively. As patients and care givers ourselves, we are mission driven to help decision makers understand what is at stake, who will use the technology, and the impact it will have on operations. None of this is straightforward in today’s environment of government initiatives, outcomes-based payment models, and industry consolidation.

Chilmark Research delves into immature markets and presents clear, forward-thinking analysis so healthcare providers can make informed strategic decisions. Come take a look at our reports or free content to see some specific examples.

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