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The healthcare industry is in the midst of widespread transformation, with Chilmark Research at the forefront guiding organizations through this chaotic period. As an IT analyst firm focused solely on the healthcare sector, we identify what is, and – just as importantly – what is not working with regards to IT-enabled healthcare delivery. With so many new technologies coming to market, it is our responsibility to highlight the good and the bad to help end-users make more strategically sound and effective decisions.

Our growth and reputation require us to seek individuals who can develop into top-notch analysts and help us achieve our long-term growth objectives. We are looking for bright individuals who share our social mission and our passionate belief that health IT can contribute to improving the healthcare delivery process, and ultimately catalyze massive improvements in patient outcomes.

Current Job Openings

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Analyst Roles

We seek individuals that understand today’s healthcare market dynamics to provide our clients with the insights, guidance, and advice they need to be successful in a modern healthcare economy. Candidates must be able to write to an executive level audience that seeks pointed, objective, business-critical evaluations of how these changing dynamics will impact their own operations. To learn more about the work we do here, take a look at the recent interview we posted with CR founder John Moore on why he chose this profession and how he sees the company adding value to the industry.

An ideal analyst will:

  • Develop and write in-depth reports that demonstrate a mastery of subject matter including best practices and strategies to guide end-user decision-making on the path to value-based care and a digitized healthcare practice. This includes understanding macroeconomic and policy/regulatory factors that will impact technology adoption and diffusion. Being able to think critically is a pre-requisite for mastery.
  • Create a body of thematic research founded on a strong, logic-driven thesis that will deliver value and insights to clients and the industry more broadly. This research will include strategy considerations, performance management, and future trends and innovations that require close attention.
  • Demonstrate intellectual curiosity that naturally leads to deep expertise, knowledge and an engaging personality in all client interactions including briefings, inquiries, presentations at conferences and other public-facing venues.
  • Collaborate with fellow analysts to ensure reports, presentations, and theses are well-founded and reflective of industry-wide best practices and innovations.
  • Expertise in “digitally-enabled” initiatives including capabilities such as analytics, interoperability, care management, artificial intelligence, etc.
  • Support the Chilmark Research sales team in closing deals through proof of capability and engaging with the community. Must understand their role in developing business relationships through interactions with prospects during the course of regular research.

Apply below:

Chilmark Research is an equal opportunity employer and strives to hire for diverse viewpoints and perspectives on the current US healthcare transformation. Please be sure to include your two writing samples when you apply above!

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