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A Thousand Apologies

by John Moore | April 30, 2010

Note to Readers and Vistors of this Site…

Been about two weeks since I last put up a piece and I beg your forgiveness.  In nautical terms (I was after all trained as an Ocean Engineer) water has been coming over the transom far faster than I can bail it out.  Not that this is a bad thing, after all, one does have to put food on the table, pay bills, etc. and various client projects have kept me extremely busy.

But this has resulted in my inability to deliver fresh content to this site and I’m not quite sure how to rectify the situation.

Maybe I could write shorter posts such as those that my friend John Lynn authors for his site, or I could solicit the work of others, such as Keith, who goes by the handle of “motorcycle guy” and is quite knowledgeable on standards (I’m scraping a post from his site to post here on NHIN that I suggested he write yesterday), or I could simply clone myself, ala Dolly, and have that clone write these posts for me while I’m off doing work that pays the bills.  Scrape that last idea, I don’t have time to train my clone.

In the meantime, please bear with me as I seek a way to deliver that fresh content and analysis you have come to expect from Chilmark Research.

And if you have any ideas for me, I’m all ears.

4 responses to “A Thousand Apologies”

  1. The EHR Guy says:

    As the old adage says: “It’s not the quantity but the quality!”.

    Your content is about quality and that’s why you have become so popular among the health IT community.

    And what you explain to be a challenge is the same reason I decided to create EHRNet ( http://EHRNet.ning.com ). I wanted to enable others to help provide fresh content to the community in my inability to do so due to other obligations.


    The EHR Guy

  2. John Lynn says:

    As the old adage says: “Quality can come in all sizes.”

    Ok, it’s probably not an old adage, but some of my most valuable posts have been shorter. Short doesn’t mean they aren’t good quality.

    Glad to hear you’re busy though. That’s important.

    • John says:

      John, always have admired your ability to write short pithy posts. For some reason, I struggle to do the same. Guess it is just a style issue but one thing I am quickly coming to terms with is that I have increasingly smaller amounts of time to write the longer posts of yore.

      • John Lynn says:

        It’s really quite simple. You write a long post and then divide it into 3 shorter posts which you schedule to appear over a couple days.

        BTW, I was talking to someone today who thought for a while that you and I were the same person (I think the John through them off). Then, I guess she read where we had different views and realized we aren’t the same person. I told her that you’re much smarter than I.

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