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The Digital Pharmacy: Walgreens’ Emerging Strategy

Walgreens is entering the digital age with a spate of new partnerships that aim to create a virtual experience for a new, rising class of healthcare consumer.


A Digital Dose of Magic Medicine

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in America. One out of four adults has two or more chronic diseases. One in three children is overweight or obese. Projections are that by 2050, one third of Americans will have

Has Avado Acquisition Awakened the WebMD Giant

WebMD, the once-darling of consumer health who seemingly lost its way following pharma dollars, may at last be coming back to its roots. Last week, WebMD made headlines by announcing it had purchased the young patient engagement start-up, Avado, for

2013 – A Year of Surprises

In the blink of an eye, a New Year has appeared and with it the need to look into our crystal ball (or is it a magic 8 ball) to make our annual predictions for the healthcare IT sector. Personally,

Re-entry into Healthcare

As with the last shuttle mission making its re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere yesterday, I am re-entering the world of healthcare IT after an extended family vacation in the wilds of Alaska. No, I did not see John Halamka up

What do WebMD’s Q3 Numbers Tell Us?

Yesterday, the big 800lb gorilla in the PHR market, WebMD announced 3rd quarter earnings that were quite mixed. While its public portal business continues to see strong growth in uniques (now over 83M visitors/month) and advertising revenues that grew 26%,

WebMD’s Private Portal Business Continues Slide

WebMD announced first quarter earnings today that showed continued lackluster results for their “Private Portal” division, slipping roughly 5% year over year from $23M to $21.8M. Now one could argue that the overall decline in employment due to the recession

WebMD + Social Media, NOT!

Today, WebMD announced the launch of its new social media initiative, WebMD Exchange.  It’s a dud. Being WebMD, the leading online consumer health, it is a bit surprising that they are so late to the party as there are now

The PHR Risk: Revolution Health Axes PHR

Revolution Health is closing down its Personal Health Record (PHR) service at the end of February.  Below is the email sent to those with a Revolution Health PHR account. Thank you for being a loyal user of the Revolution Health

Too Many Content Plays = Unsustainable

Here at the Health 2.0 conference and have heard far too many demos (really just pitches) from a multitude of Health 2.0 companies that are really nothing more than some form of glorified search engine.  It is clear that very

What’s In Store for 2009: Top Ten Trends & Forecast

Maintaining a tradition among IT analyst firms, following is Chilmark Research’s forecast of Top Trends for 2009.  While there is a significant amount of “crystal ball gazing” in any forecast, 2009 is particularly challenging due to an economy that has

WebMD Targets Physician Community Prize

Just received a PR this morning from WebMD where they are crowing that they are now Numero Uno in the physician social networking sphere.  The PR claims that their relatively new social networking site, Medscape Connect now has over 100K

FDA Partners with WebMD to Distribute Content

Just received a PR from WebMD announcing a partnership with the FDA to distribute FDA content (consumer health news and alerts) via WebMD channels (both Internet and print).  This is not too dissimilar to what the FDA is currently doing

United Health Jumps Into Consumer Fray

Being the nation’s largest heatlhcare insurer, it was only a matter of time before United Health Group (UNH) jumped into the fray of providing a consumer-centric healthcare website, which they announced this morning,  This follows similar moves by competitors

Signs of the Times: WebMD Calls off Acquisition

In mid-September, WebMD announced that it would acquire Marketing Technology Solutions (MTS), owner of the QualityHealth website and two other helth-centric Internet properties for ~$50M.  Now, barely 2 months later, WebMD announced, in a terse press release this morning, that

WebMD on the iPhone

Last Thursday, WebMD released an iPhone app that is now the third most popular app in the health & wellness section. Pretty impressive popularity considering a modest user rating of three stars. Looking at the comments it is clear that

Perspective on WebMD’s 3rd Qtr Numbers

WebMD and Healtheon jointly announced earnings for Q3 (ending Sept. 30th) late this afternoon. Sat in on the conference call and pick-up a few tidbits of information to pass along. Comments will focus on WebMD’s operations. Why do an analysis

Google, Microsoft, Dossia & WebMD: Panel Highlights

One of the treats of this week’s Connected for Health Symposium was the opportunity to moderate a panel entitled: Personal Health Information Platforms and Records: What’s the Nitty-Gritty Situation on the Ground? Obviously, I could not provide notes on this

Connected for Health: Day Two

8:00am, Keynote Regina Herzlinger, Professor @ Harvard and author of Who Killed Healthcare: Very good, thought provoking and at times funny presentation. If you ever get a chance to hear her present, do it! Key points made: Need to move

BIG News: J&J Jumps into Health 2.0 Market with Acquisition

Late yesterday, Johnson & Johnson announced that they have acquired HealthMedia, an online health & wellness service.  HealthMedia positions itself as an online health coaching service and sells this service to employers (eBay, J&J, etc.) and payers (BCBS plans, Aetna,

Connected for Health: Day One

Bouncing from the Health 2.0 event last week to Connected for Health Symposium here in Boston, organized by Partners Healthcare, I’ll be reporting on some of the key presentations. Will also be moderating the afternoon session on the major platform

Signs of Times: Healtheon Pulls WebMD Merger off Table

Back in February of this year, Healtheon and WebMD announced that they would merge.  At the time, our analysis was that the new combined entity would become more attractive for as an acquisition target. Well, that is not longer the

Where’s the $$$? or Economic Meltdown and HIT

This morning’s Wall Street Journal has an article, first page – Section B, highlighting the growing impact of the financial crisis on the IT industry. The enterprise software powerhouse, SAP, shocked investors earlier this week when it warned that it

Thoughts from Across the Pond

The European division of Cisco sponsored the publication of an EU-centric healthcare report, Connected Health. A collection of 10 essays from across Europe and even Dubai, the report provides some interesting concepts and ideas regarding technology (IT) adoption and use.

The Revolution is Over

The New York Times reported yesterday that Revolution Health Network is expected to announce sometime today that they will merge with Everyday Health. Looks like a pretty lame marriage, but probably the best that Steve Case’s holding company, Revolution LLC,

WebMD Targets Marketing with QualityHealth Acquisition

Anyone who has listened to a recent WebMD quarterly results webcast clearly understands where WebMD sees growth. Not too surprisingly, it is not PHRs via customized portal solutions for payers and employers, despite them having over 250 clients including such

Everyday a Revolution Health or How 1+1=1.5

The Washington Post had a brief article yesterday of a rumor that local Health 2.0 darling, Revolution Health is in merger talks with Everyday Health. Based upon my cursory review of Everyday Health and knowledge of Revolution Health, these two

Leading with Page Views Not a Promising Sign

Any Quarterly Announcement press release that leads off with anything but the financial numbers usually signals trouble. WebMD is no exception. Just got off the WebMD first quarter conference call. Knew it was going to be one of those calls

Walgreens Ups the Ante in Retail Health

Yesterday, mega-pharmacy chain Walgreens announced that it will acquire I-trax and Whole Health Management. With this acquisition, Walgreens is moving beyond its recent venture into retail clinics in its stores, to clinics hosted on-site at major employers. The adjacent figure,

Will You Still Need Me, Will You Still Feed Me…

There are any number of statistics that one can point to telling us we in serious trouble. From the epidemic that is obesity to the persistent climb in diabetes cases and let us not forget Alzheimer’s, a disease that cripples

HIMSS – Part Deux

Back home from my two day whirlwind tour of HIMSS. Here’s what I have for you from Day Two. Significantly slower on Tuesday, though it did pick up later in the afternoon. So was everyone out playing golf or hanging

With Merger, Is WebMD Now in Play?

This morning, along with announcing very good 4th qtr growth at WebMD, a concurrent announcement was made that Healtheon and WebMD have agreed to merge, putting the value of the combined entity at about $2.3B. Due to the structure of

USA Today Looks at Health .Com Survivors

USA Today had a brief article in today’s edition looking at why some health-centric Web companies survived the dot com bust and are thriving today. Unlike most USA Today articles, this article was not superficial and the reporter did his

Odd, Facts Don’t Support Revolution Health’s Claim

Last week, Revolution Health made the claim that they had surpassed WebMD as the number one stop for consumers looking for health information. Ignoring Google’s massive presence for searching on medical information is one thing, but going so far as

RevolutionHealth’s Projections

Late last week, iHealthBeat, a service of the California Healthcare Foundation (CHCF) posted an interview with RevolutionHealth’s senior medical director, Dr.Val Jones, While the overall interview had predictable questions and responses, I did like the concluding question and answer, which

Moving the Ball Forward: PCHRI 2007

The Children’s Hospital Informatics Program (CHIP), developers of Indivo, hosted PCHRI 2007, an invitation only conference over the last two days. The event brought together about 100 leading players in the Personal Health Record (PHR) market to discuss where the

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