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Getting People Out of Their Cars

Boston is a beautiful city with many a European tourist delighting in its Euro-feel, especially the city’s walkability. Literally, you can get around Boston pretty easily on your own two feet.  In fact, over 13% of Boston residents commute to


Here it Comes, Another B2B

Tomorrow, with temperatures here in New England expected to reach 90+ degrees, I try to stay hydrated, full of electrolytes and may even down some pickle juice all in an attempt to keep leg cramps at bay as I do


Off to the Kill

Tomorrow is the Big Day. Tomorrow I race the Queen of the Classics, the Tour of Battenkill.  Though I originally intended, maybe half jokingly in this year’s predictions, to “podium” (that’s a top three spot for you non-racer types) in


Snippets of the Week

Due to a tremendous workload at Chilmark Research, creating cogent, free content is expensive, at least to us.  Therefore, to provide value to you dear reader without taxing our synapses to the breaking point this post will give you a


Want Healthcare Reform? Start Riding Your Bike!

We talk about healthcare reform. We talk of an obesity epidemic. We talk of just a few, often preventable, chronic diseases that consume some 70%+ of healthcare expenditures. We talk of global warming and potential impact of warmer temperatures on


Leveraging New Media to Get the Message Out

Earlier this month we wrote about what is arguably some of the most innovative concepts (well, they have really only piloted one, which is now preparing for broader market roll-out) from any health insurer – that from Humana and its


Chilmark Bound

As I hinted in my previous post, I’ll be taking it easy next week and will only put up a post if something really, REALLY important happens. I’ll be heading to the namesake of this company, the small rural town


Heated Debate on Boston’s Rules of the Road

As you know, I commute by bike to work. Been doing this for some 20+ years despite Boston ranking as one of the least bike friendly cities (according to Bicycle magazine) in the country. Yesterday, one of the Boston Globe


The Tour is Coming, The Tour is Coming…

This Saturday begins another epic Tour de France.  The 95th Tour, it will be comprised of some 21 stages, cover 3,500 miles, including a mountain stage towards the end that will have those still in the race climbing nearly 15,000


Who We Are

Chilmark Research is the only industry analyst firm focusing solely on health IT. We combine proven research methodologies with intelligence and insight to provide cogent analyses of the emerging technologies that have the greatest potential to improve healthcare. We do not shy away from making tough calls, and are respected in the industry for our direct and thoughtful commentary.