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Can Apple Keep the Doctor Away?


“His treatment was fragmented rather than integrated. Each of his myriad maladies was being treated by different specialists – oncologists, pain specialists, nutritionists, hepatologists, and hematologists – but they were not being coordinated in a cohesive approach.” – Steve Jobs,

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Payers Refocus Efforts on ROI for Member Engagement

What a difference a year has made to the payer market. In late 2012 Chilmark Research published the first version of our Payer Benchmark report — detailing how leading payers were beginning to adopt emerging consumer technologies. We found a market

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Breaking New Ground

Today is a great day for Chilmark Research and hopefully the world of healthcare IT. At long last, the much anticipated Market Trends report Clinical Analytics for Population Health (CAPH) has been published. Coming in at slightly more than 100

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ACO Here, ACO There, ACO, ACO Everywhere & Vendor Response

In less than two years we have gone from Accountable Care Organization (ACO) as a concept, to ACO as a new model of care delivery. With the January announcement that there were 106 more added to the Medicare ACO program,

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At the Intersection of Obesity and HIT

We Americans are on a very terrifying path, health-wise, based on the latest obesity projections from RWJF. Medical “innovations” around the obesity epidemic are unsettling, to say the least. Most recently, Dean Kamen (of Segway fame) filed a patent for

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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Be careful what you wish for sure did apply to this year’s mHealth Summit, which was held last week in Washington D.C. Of the some 4,000 in attendance, I was one of the 10% or was it even 1% of those present that have attended all four events in succession. It is with that perspective that I came away from this year’s mHealth Summit more disappointed than ever.

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Humana Jumps into HIE Market, Claims Analytics Turn Sights of Clinical, Med Adherence

November saw the acquisition of yet another HIE vendor by a payer (Humana). An in-depth analysis of this acquisition and its implications was provided to Chilmark Advisory Service (CAS) clients at the end of November. Following are abstracts of the three research notes in our latest Monthly Update.

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Benchmarking Payers Adoption of Consumer Tech

Awhile back, a large health insurer (payer) commissioned Chilmark Research to do a market scan on how payers across the country were using emerging consumer technologies to engage their members. We found this project to be quite interesting and rather

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Payers Take Another Stab at Engagement with Consumer-based Tools

It is now nail-biting time, as we here at Chilmark Research brace ourselves for the upcoming Supreme Court decision on the legitimacy of the Affordable Care Act.  We as a nation are indeed living in very interesting times and I

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Some Areas We Covered in May Monthly

Earlier this year Chilmark Research launched its latest service, the Chilmark Advisory Service (CAS). One of the benefits of CAS is that subscribers receive a continuous feed of our research, from major annual reports such as the recently released 2012

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Trash Talk vs. Reality

Spreading FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) is one of the most common sales tactics used against a competitor. I’m never surprised to hear some FUD being thrown around at a major trade show like HIMSS, but this year it seemed

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Another HUGE Acquisition in HIE Market

Just as we are trying to put the final touches to the forthcoming HIE Market Report, another major HIE vendor gets acquired and again it is a very big fish swallowing a small and very pricey little fish. Geez, they

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HealthVault Adds Another Arrow to its Quiver

Seemingly on a roll, OptumHealth, the consumer facing health and wellness division of United Health Group (UHG), the nation’s largest health insurer, announced yesterday that it will support health record portability by allowing members to export their Optum PHR data

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Humana Breaks the Mold

Slowly getting the hang of Twitter and while cruising around the TwitterSphere yesterday looking for updates from the WHIT’08 conference in DC came across a guy providing live tweets from the event.  Looking more closely at his profile, it turns

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Avoiding the Tough Issues (Like Healthcare Reform)

Typically, we do not cover political policy issues regarding healthcare (at least we don’t write about them anymore than we absolutely have to) as there are plenty of others to turn to for such analysis (hint: search on, “health wonk

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CIGNA Playing Catch-up Introduces New Site

CIGNA has appeared asleep at the wheel for sometime now as competitors Wellpoint and the more aggressive Aetna look to engage the end consumer. Not any more. Today’s Washington Post had a brief article on CIGNA’s introduction of the new

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Is Medical Tourism Set to Explode?

The merry month of May brought two interesting articles on medical tourism, the first from the Tier One strategy consulting firm McKinsey entitled Mapping the Market for Medical Travel. The second, an excellent article in the May issue of Fast

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Aetna’s CEO Again Attacks 3rd Party PHRs

You may recall that during an interview last October with the fine folks who manage the WSJ’s Health Blog that Aetna’s CEO, Ron Williams called Microsoft’s personal health platform, HealthVault and Google Health “vaporware”. Well, he’s at it again, this

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WHCC & Reports from the Field

I’ll be attending the World Health Care Congress (WHCC) here in Washington DC getting my fill of all things healthcare and most likely an overdose on policy – after all, this is Washington. The people who put on the WHCC

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Web Visits Gets Air Time

This morning, on National Public Radio’s (NPR) Morning Edition, there was a nice 5 minute segment on  e-Consultations.  With the two big insurers Aetna and Cigna now reimbursing physicians for conducting such e-Consultations, we will be seeing much more of

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An Interesting Marriage: Malpractice and PHRs

Now here’s an interesting spin… Malpractice insurer Northwest Physicians Insurance will be offering a rebate to physicians who adopt a PHR to facilitate patient-physician communication.  Looks like this insurer predicts that if they can get the patient and physician to

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The Business Case for Aetna’s SmartSource

Pondering the previous post on Aetna’s announcement today regarding SmartSource, have come up with the following business arguments as to why Aetna is aggressively pursuing a consumer health engagement path. 1) Bring more value to the consumer/customer to get them

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Aetna Keeps Pushing the Envelope

Aetna is pretty aggressive on the personal healthcare front. First they buy ActiveHealth Management.  Granted, ActiveHealth’s main target is not the consumer (disease management is their core competency), but they did introduce an online PHR early last year. Secondly, Aetna

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HIMSS – Part Deux

Back home from my two day whirlwind tour of HIMSS. Here’s what I have for you from Day Two. Significantly slower on Tuesday, though it did pick up later in the afternoon. So was everyone out playing golf or hanging

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With Merger, Is WebMD Now in Play?

This morning, along with announcing very good 4th qtr growth at WebMD, a concurrent announcement was made that Healtheon and WebMD have agreed to merge, putting the value of the combined entity at about $2.3B. Due to the structure of

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The Painfully Slow Move to Online Services

This week, the LA Times has an interesting article on how major insurers Cigna and Aetna will be reimbursing physicians for providing online consultations.  It is encouraging to see these major payers step-up and support such practices. Other payers will

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Marriott’s PHR Goes Live for 50,000

Hotel chain, Marriott, announced that they are now offering a PHR for their 50,000 employees.  IT publication InformationWeek  wrote a pretty good article covering Marriott’s plans and the Aetna owned ActiveHealth PHR that is being used.  Article also provides a

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Correction: AMA Article on PHRs

As physicians will play an extremely important role in the future adoption and use of personal health records (PHRs), educating physicians on this technology platform, where it is today and where it is heading, is critical. Unfortunately, it appeared that

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Moving the Ball Forward: PCHRI 2007

The Children’s Hospital Informatics Program (CHIP), developers of Indivo, hosted PCHRI 2007, an invitation only conference over the last two days. The event brought together about 100 leading players in the Personal Health Record (PHR) market to discuss where the

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Aetna Joins Cigna and Goes One Step Further

Aetna, under pressure from the New York Attorney General’s office, has agreed to change its physician quality ranking system.  This follows a similar move by Cigna about two weeks ago.  Both UnitedHealth and WellPoint BS/BC are the remaining hold-outs, but

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Is Aetna Janus with Two Faces?

Just saw over on the WSJ Healthcare Blog that Aetna’s CEO, Ronald Williams is claiming that Microsoft is just pushing “Vaporware” with its launch of HealthVault. Having already done some cursory analysis of the HealthVault site, I can confidently say

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