What a great report! Thanks for the great insight and keep up the good work.

Top 3 EHR Executive, CAS Client

As a CAS Client we have found the research articles Chilmark has provided to be an invaluable asset in helping us to understand IT market trends in healthcare, enabling us to better engage our executives with information that is relevant in strategic decision making.

Leading Payer Organization, 3 year CAS client

Chilmark provides a thorough, thoughtful, independent view unencumbered by conflicts and informed by experience, breadth of knowledge, and strong industry relationships.

Lisa Suennen, Senior Managing Director, Healthcare, GE Ventures

We appreciate Chilmark’s recognition of the strategic value of interoperability, deep analytics and tying cost and profitability to the clinical value-based care equation. There are many complexities involved in our changing healthcare environment and it is our responsibility to usher in a new era of analytics maturity to impact patient lives and business success.

Ken Tarkoff, Former SVP & GM, RelayHealth

When I was a CIO, I valued Chilmark’s depth of analysis and their willingness to tell the straight story… they have always been the most courageous of the industry analysts, untethered from relationships that could taint their analysis. John and his team at Chilmark make all of us better — vendors and consumers.

Dale Sanders, EVP, Health Catalyst

I do my best to write blog posts that separate the wheat from the chaff in the healthcare IT industry. Chilmark reports are a great resource to help me understand the major trends.

John Halamka, CIO, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Chilmark was one of the first industry watchers to recognize the importance of population health and are still one of the most sophisticated in their appreciation of what is going to be needed to transform health and care.

Matthew Swindells, Fromer SVP Pop Health & Global Strategy, Cerner

Stay up to the minute.

“As biometric data becomes cheaper and easier to collect through smart sensors, devices, and mobile apps, expect to see more innovations in consumer health.”

-Alicia Vergaras