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We are currently working on a number of exciting, in-depth market research reports that will be completed and released over the next few months. Learn more about what we’re working on and to learn more about our pre-order 15% discount.


Route to Symbiosis: Tech 2025 Type: Payer-Provider Convergence Insight Report

Estimated publication date: November 2016

This will be our first Insight Report for the newly added Payer-Provider Convergence (PPC) domain. It will examine the new types of relationships being established between these traditionally separate entities, how the paradigm is shifting, and the technologies that will enable a true collaborative experience between providers and payers. 2016/17 Analytics for Population Health Management Market Trends Report Estimated publication date: November/December 2016 This is an update to our annual Analytics Market Trends report, which is consistently one of, if not the, most in-depth market research reports available. As analytics continue to play a more and more important role in the shift to value-based reimbursement, how are vendors addressing the major issues of data quality, storage, and sourcing? How proactive do healthcare organizations want to be with predictive or alert functionality? What are the major market forces at play driving innovation at today’s incumbent vendors, and how do smaller, newer organizations plan to differentiate from market mainstays? All of these questions will be answered, along with in-depth vendor profiles of all the major players today.

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Care Management Market Trends Report

Estimated publication date: January/February 2017

This is going to be a follow up to last year’s inaugural Care Management Market Trends Report. It will follow our usual MTR format, which includes in-depth analysis of major trends affecting the industry and adoption of these types of solutions, where this is pushing the industry going forward, and the most thorough vendor profiles available from a market analyst group today.

Contact Sean Campbell to pre-order this report at a 15% discount.

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