Current Projects


2014 Patient Engagement: Market Analysis and Trends

Estimated publication date: Second Quarter 2014

A number of forcing vectors are leading healthcare organizations of all sizes to evaluate and enhance their patient engagement strategies. Federal requirements via the HITECH Act and meaningful use are one of the smaller forcing vectors. Looming larger is the need to engage patients in managing their chronic disease over time to minimize risk or insure that a patient is not readmitted within a given period of time after a procedure. Concurrently, the advent of Health Insurance Exchanges creates a new market of patients/consumers that healthcare organizations, particularly in highly competitive urban markets, will want to attract and retain. Effective patient engagement strategies and the vendors with potential solutions to address these needs will be the focus of this report.

2014 HIE Market Analysis and Trends Report

Estimated publication date: Third Quarter 2014

After a series of fits and starts, HIEs are finally finding a place among HIT solutions. Many broad-based public HIEs are sliding into irrelevance — though regional HIEs in rural and suburban geographies remain vibrant — and the real action is now in private hands with vendors securing profitable engagements with large and medium provider organizations. However, the HIE market is now in a state of transition as much of the HIE technology stack becomes commoditized. The 2014 HIE Market Report will overview the vendor landscape with an eye to understanding how the industry is expanding into new areas to continue to provide a strong value proposition for adopters.

2014 Clinical Analytics: Market Analysis and Trends

Estimated publication date: Third Quarter 2014

Big data and clinical analytics have become increasingly attractive to healthcare providers preparing to be held accountable for population health.¬†As technology vendors continue to tout data analytics as a “must-have” for the clinical market, this report will provide healthcare executives insight into which analytics capabilities will be essential to their business and which vendors have most to offer in these areas.


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