Clinician Network Management

The advent of value-based care and reimbursement has broad implications for how HCOs use and share data. New models of care mean that accountability for care, costs, and payment will be more focused on subsets of providers in a network of provider organizations. At any time, a given HCO will need visibility into the activities of the network of clinicians responsible for delivering care at a patient level and at a panel level. Evolving from the HIE industry, Clinician Network Management (CNM) is the set of technologies and processes that supports care delivery information needs across organizational boundaries. CNM will allow participating HCOs to effectively monitor and understand the impact of care delivery decisions on patient outcomes and on the financial health of the clinician network.

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Data for the Deluge – Interoperability for Networked Healthcare

Today we release the 2017 Clinician Network Management Market Trends Report. It provides an overview of realistic approaches and solutions to improve data interoperability across the industry. Leading solution vendors are assessed and rated on their capabilities to support this

The Need for “Precision” Definitions

Healthcare is a study in extremes.  On the precise end of the continuum, we have the surgical precision of the neurosurgeon’s scalpel and the micro-precision of genomic studies.  On the not-even-close-to-precise opposite end of the continuum, we have the very

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2016 is heading for the doors, 2017 readily awaits. But what will this New Year bring? One thing for sure, a new president and administration that appears intent on rewriting the rules, be they foreign policy, environmental or healthcare. But


2017 Clinician Network Management Market Trends Report

In the past, messaging-based and document-centric models of health information exchange helped healthcare organizations (HCO) coordinate resources across networked communities of clinicians to enhance care delivery. This report concludes that such approaches have reached the limits of their effectiveness. The advent of value-based care is driving the need to assess risk for a population and effectively manage that risk across a distributed clinical care delivery network. This requires far richer, diverse information flows across a greater diversity of market participants. This is where the new interoperability initiatives and approaches to make better use of data discussed in this report enter the equation.

[FREE] APIs for a Healthcare App Economy: Paths to Market Success

A critical element of business success across industries has been the surge in use of open application programming interfaces (API) that provide data for applications that did not create or originate the data. APIs are the technical foundation of engaging

2015 Platforms in Healthcare: EHR Vendors’ Capabilities for Interoperability

Publication Date: July 2015 Demand for interoperable technologies and platforms is increasing and enterprise technology vendors are responding. Cloud computing, composite applications, and open-source software with publicly available application programming interfaces (APIs) are liberating data to catalyze rapid innovation in

2015 Population Health Management Insight Report: Aligning IT Solutions to Strategy

Publication Date: April 2015 Population health management (PHM) is at the forefront of strategic initiatives being undertaken across the healthcare industry today. Prompting these strategic initiatives is the massive shift in risk, via payment reform, from payers to providers. This

2014/15 Clinician Network Management Market Trends Report

Published Date: December 2014
This first-of-its-kind report reviews the services being offered by CNM vendors to address provider requirements for enabling information exchange, analytics, care management, and population health management. It provides a clear, concise framework to assist HCOs in evaluating the solution capabilities of vendors serving this market, providing in-depth profiles of sixteen key vendors of CNM solutions.

Care Coordination: The HIE Has Waited a Long Time

Published Date: July 2014
HIE vendors are chasing the care coordination opportunity in earnest. This dramatic change in one year is being driven by provider’s awakening realization of the demands of VBR. Provider organizations should be familiar with the general outlines of these solutions and begin asking both their EHR and HIE vendors to sketch out their solutions’ capabilities to support such care coordination processes.