Care Coordination

Effective and efficient care coordination across a community is quickly becoming a cornerstone in a healthcare organization’s (HCO’s) strategic efforts to manage the health of the population it serves. Moving beyond discharge summary distribution to reduce readmits, which is still far from perfect, HCOs are now setting their sights on care coordination for the ability to optimize care management, disease management and utilization management (CM, DM & UM). The solution landscape for care coordination is a highly diverse one that has, to our knowledge, seen very little in the way of formal analysis.

Brian Murphy
Matt Guldin
Senior Analyst


Care Management Market Trends Webinar Next Week

Come join us for our next webinar, taking place April 25 at 1pm ET. This webinar will feature Matt Guldin, lead Care Management analyst, sharing insights from this expansive research undertaking into the current state of technology solutions for care

Next Frontier of Care Management

As we wrap up the forthcoming 2017 Care Management Market Trends Report, I have been pondering the issue of social determinants of health (SDoH). In our HIMSS Conference 2017 recap, we noted that SDoH “came across as an unexpectedly strong

Deriving Value from Enterprise Systems

Much consternation has been expressed over the years regarding massive enterprise software roll-outs. There are numerous examples in virtually any industry sector one cares to look at. Years ago, when I was working as an analyst in the manufacturing vertical,

The Need for “Precision” Definitions

Healthcare is a study in extremes.  On the precise end of the continuum, we have the surgical precision of the neurosurgeon’s scalpel and the micro-precision of genomic studies.  On the not-even-close-to-precise opposite end of the continuum, we have the very

HIMSS17: Little Less Hype, More Focus on Value

Our industry was in state of unrest going into HIMSS17. Some would call it panic. This year’s HIMSS was as much a REALLY large group therapy session as it was a trade show. Seemed as if everyone was reassuring each

Medical Professionalism Trumps Health IT in Coordinating Care

As I sat in the Reading (Penn.) Health System ER late Friday night, I had a lot of time to reflect on the research I have been doing lately on care coordination. In particular, I pondered how what I have


2016 Care Management Market Trends Report

At its core, care management is about delivering the right care in the right setting at the right time. This report is the result of Chilmark’s comprehensive review of over 100 solutions currently available in the market, for which a subset of leading vendors have been comprehensively reviewed (20 in-depth profiles, 9 additional discussed). These solutions will be critical to enable an HCOs population health management strategy.

2017 Care Management Market Trends Report

This report will be released in early May 2017. Please contact Sean for pre-sales. As healthcare in the United States has evolved toward a model of value-based care (VBC), so, too, has the concept of care management evolved. No longer is

Longitudinal Care Plans: Delivering on the Promise of Patient-Centered Care

To create a true longitudinal care plan, HCOs must break down data and operational silos, automating communication processes and other workflows across disparate provider organizations, and provide patients and their caregivers access to the care plan. Some HCOs today use electronic health record (EHR) systems to attempt to accomplish this goal, while others use bare-bones care management systems or even paper-based records. Chilmark believes that HCOs will need far more comprehensive tools for documenting, developing, distributing, and monitoring the types of longitudinal care plans that will truly bend the cost curve in healthcare.

2015 Platforms in Healthcare: EHR Vendors’ Capabilities for Interoperability

Publication Date: July 2015 Demand for interoperable technologies and platforms is increasing and enterprise technology vendors are responding. Cloud computing, composite applications, and open-source software with publicly available application programming interfaces (APIs) are liberating data to catalyze rapid innovation in

2015 Population Health Management Insight Report: Aligning IT Solutions to Strategy

Publication Date: April 2015 Population health management (PHM) is at the forefront of strategic initiatives being undertaken across the healthcare industry today. Prompting these strategic initiatives is the massive shift in risk, via payment reform, from payers to providers. This

Valued-Based Payments Leading to Value-Based Supplier Pricing?

Published Date: December 2014
Read about State initiatives to move more effectively to value-based payment, as well as how pharma/biotech and med device companies are adjusting business models to meet these needs.

The Unraveling of Alere

Published Date: November 2014
Early last week, Optum announced that it would buy Alere’s health management business in a $600M cash deal. This announcement has three significant implications for the market at large.