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Cloud Computing in Healthcare, A Presentation

by John Moore | January 12, 2009

Last Friday, had the opportunity to present to MITRE and their Healthcare Transformation group.  This MITRE group is responsible for developing LAIKA, the platform used by CCHIT to validate EMR solutions for certification.  Extremely bright group of engineers with some excellent ideas and many good questions over the course of my roughly 1hr presenation.

Purpose of presentation was to give these engineers a broader perspective on trends occurring in the HIT sector, and specifically trends in consumer-facing HIT.  As Chilmark Research has been conducting extensive research on Cloud Computing in healthcare, for our next report, much of the presentation focuses on the personal health platforms (PHPs) Dossia, Google Health and HealthVault. The presentation also draws upon past research on PHRs and the inevitable convergence of the two.

[slideshare id=910512&doc=phrsplatformstrends-1231776766412090-3&w=425]

Warmly welcome your feedback on the presentation, whether it validates what you are seeing in the market or if there is something we may have missed.

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“As biometric data becomes cheaper and easier to collect through smart sensors, devices, and mobile apps, expect to see more innovations in consumer health.”

-Alicia Vergaras