2012 Benchmark Report: Payer Adoption of Emerging Consumer Tech

2012 mHealth Adoption for Patient Engagement, Status, Trends & Forecast

iPHR Market Report 2008 Analysis & Trends of Internet-based Personal Health Records Market


Time to SMAC the Healthcare Consumer

A Digital Dose of Magic Medicine

Can Apple Keep the Doctor Away?

Data, Data, Everywhere, Not Liquid Enough to Use

#PGHD: Buzzword to Business

HIMSS14: Patiently Waiting for Progress


HIMSS or Bust

The Glass is Half-Full…of S.H.I.T.*

Barefoot at HIMSS? Just Trying to Follow Dr. Google’s Orders

Free February 2014

Three Big Questions for Stage 3 & Patient Engagement

Payers Refocus Efforts on ROI for Member Engagement

What’s in Store for 2014?

mHealth13: Lots Going On, But Few New Developments

23andMe vs the FDA: How did it come to this?

Whose Data is it Anyway?

Has Avado Acquisition Awakened the WebMD Giant

Wellness Market: Too Many Chasing Too Little

Crashes, Bugs, and Major Usability Issues at Covered California

Data-Driven Patient Outreach: Financially Efficient or Morally Compromised?

A Week in DC: Health Datapalooza and Medcity ENGAGE

Out and About

Who will regulate mHealth? Patient Engagement at Crossroads; New Alliance Takes On Interoperability

Patient Engagement: Does the Emperor have any clothes?

Finding Few Answers at HIMSS’13

ACO Here, ACO There, ACO, ACO Everywhere & Vendor Response

At the Intersection of Obesity and HIT

Four Diverse Research Notes in Jan Monthly Update

2013 – A Year of Surprises

Big Data Clarified, Providers, HIT & Obesity and ACA’s Impact on HIE Market

The Promise of a Little Blue Button

Struggling to Understand or Data Does Not Equal Empowerment

Sex Sells (or at Least Leads to Some Interesting Analytics)

Hurdles to Accessing One’s PHI

Whose Data is it Anyway?

Free February

Welcomed Changes for 2012

Looking Back on 2011 – What A Strange Year It’s Been

Microsoft Bows Out of the Clinical Market

HIE Market Snippets

A Comment, A Challenge

Brief Counter on Statement Regarding PHRs

Going to Market – Dossia’s Numero Uno Challenge

Dossia’s Rebuild – Is it Enough

Re-entry into Healthcare

Stepping in Where Google Health Left Off

Looking at Healthcare Through Payer Lenses: Part Two

HealthVault Continues to Build, & Google Health Still Useful

Matches Made in Philly

Musings on PHRs & Consumer Engagement

Google Health Put in Stasis

Much Ado About Patient Portals

A Tale of Two Medical Records

Are We Arriving at the Cusp of Consumer Engagement

2011 Predictions: MU Goes Tactical, ACO Strategic

What Do Future MU Requirements Mean for mHealth, If Anything?

Season’s Greetings from the Western Office

Smashing Myths & Assumptions: PHR for Urban Diabetes Care

What do WebMD’s Q3 Numbers Tell Us?

Let the Data Flow: Part Two

Letting the Data Flow; Part One

On the PHR Front…

Getting People Out of Their Cars

HIEs in the Public Interests

Google Hits Reset Button on Google Health

Is the mHealth Hype Justified?

Feds Set Example for Data Portability

Road Trips, Hikes and Health

Going off the Grid

Where is the Consumer in Vendors’ HIE Solutions?

Consumer Challenge: Creating a Longitudinal Record

Going Stealth, MSFT Brings HealthVault to UK

Here it Comes, Another B2B

Another Survey, Another Doh!

Telus Goes with Different Model for HealthVault

Google’s Irrelevancy Leading to Demise?

Intuit Makes a Move, Acquires Medfusion

Shedding a Light on HIT – Beacon Awards

WebMD’s Private Portal Business Continues Slide

A Thousand Apologies

Survey Uncovers Strong Growth in PHR Usage

New Leadership for CCHIT – Will it Make a Difference?

Off to the Kill

Managed Care, HIT & ARRA

Apple Targets Healthcare Enterprise

Another Year, Another HIMSS

Top 5 Do’s & Don’ts for Speaking with Analysts at HIMSS

iPHR Market Report Executive Summary Now Up at Scribd

Siemens Brings HealthVault to Europe

The PHR Risk: Revolution Health Axes PHR

Personal Health Systems: A View from Across the Pond

Stunned but Smiling

Martha’s Mistakes

Top Ten Predictions for Healthcare IT in 2010

Analysis: MediConnect Acquires PHR Vendor, PassportMD

Achieving Meaningful Use: View from the Trenches

Top 10 Things to Consider When Choosing a PHR

Can RWJF’s Common Platform Gain Traction?

Microsoft’s Amalga & HealthVault Land LTC Provider

Along the Path, Many Thanks to Give

PHAT: Mash-Up on Healthcare IT

Rant: Huffington Post No Friend to Small Business

HIEs, Future PaaS for Healthcare?

Halloween Treat in DC

Round Two: A Dossia Update

Wanted: Quickstart Guide for Personal Health Platform

Consumer Preferences: Sharing PHI

The Follow-up Visit

NHIN: The New Health Internet?

Forced Hiatus & Are Young Clinicians More Open to Consumer Control of PHI?

Children’s Hospital Links Affilates into Indivo PHP

Pushing ONC to Act on Consumer’s Behalf

What Providers Should Consider Regarding PHRs

AHRQ’09: Improving with Age

Presentation: PHRs, What Are They Good For?

Time to Kill the PHR Term: Part 2

Time to Kill the PHR Term: Part 1

With Summer’s End, Back to Regular Programming

PHRs, What Are They Good For?

Chilmark Research Lands on Front Page of Information Week

Oliphant Does it Again

Certified EHRs? What Are They Gets Defined Tomorrow

Bagging a 14er

Is Google Health Irrelevant?

Stuck in the Past: New HIE Model Required

Medem Quietly Folds Its PHR Business – Acquired by Medfusion

Meaningful Use & the PHR Market

Apologies for Off the Grid

Independence, Basic Rights & PHI

Our Meaningful Use Comments

ARRA, EHRs, Health Reform and ‘Meaningful Use’ Debate

HealthVault’s International Strategy

Information Fundamental to Knowledge

Snippets of the Week

Meaningful Use Draft is Tough to Swallow

The Borg Lives in Healthcare

Can Employers, Payers and Providers Get on Same Page?

Competition to HelloHealth?

The Consumer Role Post Stimulus

Meaningful Use: A Driver for PHR Growth?

How to Win Billions for Your Members

A HITECH Operetta

Tethered PHRs: Cutting the Umbilical Cord

Providers Taking Closer Look at PHRs

Atlas of the Human Brain, Cool iPhone App, but Could be Even Better

HealthVault Moves Over the Border

Ride with Meaning: Bringing Awareness to Homelessness

Making “Meaningful Use” Well… Meaningful

Making HealthVault Personal

The Human Equation in PHRs

Bad Data Saga Continues

Bad Data & PHR Adoption

HealthVault & NY Presbyterian – Closing the Loop on Care

HIMSS 09 – Reports from the Field

Google Picks Their Clinic’s EMR, Focus on Portability

Siloed, Tethered PHRs are a Dead-end

Taking A Break to Rip Some Runs

Labs, PHRs, Platforms & Consumer Engagement: A Presentation

Navigenics: The Experience

USB-based PHRs are Dumb Idea

Early iPhone Experiences

Final Stimulus Bill Released

Stunning Withdrawal of Daschle Nomination

Usability Study Compares Google Health & HealthVault

IBM Looks to the Clouds, Industry-Specific Clouds

PHR Vendor CapMed Acquired

Feds Launch Two PHR Initiatives This Week

Medicity and Novo Merge: Brilliant or Desparate Move?

Cloud Computing in Healthcare, A Presentation

Apple Dominates Mobile Web

The Mobile App Goldrush

Might Real Value of Genetic Testing Lie Elsewhere?

Peace & Good Health in the New Year

HealthVault Adds Another Arrow to its Quiver

What’s In Store for 2009: Top Ten Trends & Forecast

Merry Christmas

2008, What was Hot, What was Not

2nd Round for CCHIT PHR Up for Review & Comment

More on Feds’ Privacy Framework for Consumer Health Records

HL7 Releases Draft Standard of PHR-FM

Leavitt’s Parthian Shot – Consumer Health Privacy Framework

WebMD Targets Physician Community Prize

Live Tweets of Google Health Webcast

From Halls of Swedish Academia – Patterns for Health 2.0

Old School PHR at Barnes & Noble

DoD Launches Pilot PHR, MiCare with Google & Microsoft

Google Health to Host Webcast Next Wed

Will Google Kill Google Health?

Next-up DC & the eHealth Initiative Event

United Health Jumps Into Consumer Fray

Ughhhhhh, this industry is putting us in a funk

Signs of the Times: WebMD Calls off Acquisition

Potential Impact of Widespread PHR Adoption

Strong Competition for CMS Demo

PHR Vendors Selected for CMS Demo

Cleveland Clinic & HealthVault Unite

9.1M Users for Google and/or Microsoft Health Platforms

First Gaming, Next Healthcare?

WebMD on the iPhone

One of the Best

Perspective on WebMD’s 3rd Qtr Numbers

Google, Microsoft, Dossia & WebMD: Panel Highlights

Connected for Health: Day Two

Connected for Health: Day One

Health 2.0 Wrap-up

Health 2.0 – Day 2

Health 2.0 Day One

Aetna Jumps onto HealthVault Bandwagon

Signs of Times: Healtheon Pulls WebMD Merger off Table

CIGNA Playing Catch-up Introduces New Site

Backstory on iPhone PHR: Interview with My Life Record CTO

Privacy & Consumer Education

Let your Voice be Heard – CCHIT Town Hall

The Revolution is Over

Finally, Dossia Goes Live

Free: iPHR Market Report – Executive Summary

CCHIT PHR Draft Released for Comment

HealthVault Surges, Google Flounders

EmTech Session on EMRs

Academics and PHRs: RWJ’s Project HealthDesign Rolls Out the Carpet

PHR Certification Looking for Input

Getting the Word Out, FDA Partners with Medem

Hmmm, a Healthcare Innovation Exchange by the Feds?

PHRs Need to be More than Data Stores

Follow-up on PHRs for Disadvantaged

Chilmark Bound

Looking for a Deep Technical Guide to Google Health & HealthVault?

BIDMC Makes it Official – Signs on to HealthVault

PHRs for the Disadvantaged

USB Thumb-drives: Just a Bad Idea for PHRs

Taking the Wii to the White Board

Will AARP be Next to Offer a PHR?

Discussion on eConsultations

Quick Survey – CMS PHR Pilot: No Money, No Play

No Free Lunch or What Might CMS Get from PHR Vendors?

States Begin Driving PHR Initiatives

Privacy of Health Data? You must be joking.

Revolution Health Seeks Life Preserver

Connecting the Ecosystem: Interview with RelayHealth

Another Perspective on the AHIC Mtg

Clearly Stated: What is Holding Up EMR Adoption

Yesterday in DC: AHIC Mtg Highlights

Where are the $$$ in EMR Adoption

PHR Recommendations from Task Force Appear Painless

Enabling Physician Communications Within a Personal Health System

Presenting to Sec. Leavitt

Mobile Health and the iPhone

Slap on Wrist for Privacy Violation

Drop-off/Pick-up: Nice Concept, but will Doctors Use It

HealthVault Speaks Out: Clarifying Their Approach to Standards

No Longer Just Chips at Intel

Will a Mental Evaluation be a Part of Your Next HRA?

Solving HIT Adoption Conundrum? Simple – “Show Me the Money”

Aging Boomers & Market Opportunties

New Twist on the Risk/Benefit Balance for PHI

The Tour is Coming, The Tour is Coming…

Are You Sure You Want that Genetic Test?

Baseline Article on PHRs – Half Correct

eRx Gaining Momentum?

P4P, Change & Vested Interests

Is that a Dark Cloud on the Horizon?

Following in Google’s Footsteps, HealthVault Signs on CVS/Caremark

Privacy Framework for PHRs

Long Road Ahead for Consumerism in Healthcare

AT&T, Microsoft and Covisnt Partner on Data Exchange

Inside HealthVault Developer’s Conference

What’s in All Those HealthVault Slides Anyway

HealthVault Developers’ Conference – Presentations Up

PHR Market: Analysis & Trends

I Love to Ride my Bicycle, I Love to Ride my Bike

Where Art Thou Revolution Health?

CCHIT Goes After PHRs

Lacking Imagination – Be Well Fund Chooses Winners

HealthVault Signs on Kaiser

Privacy is Important but…

Tradition Grapples with Insatiable Demand

ONC Releases Strategic 5 Year Plan

Tomorrow It’s Buying Intentions of Healthcare CIOs

The Revolution Will Not be Televised

Is Medical Tourism Set to Explode?

PHR Market Report Now Available

No Big Deal – A.D.A.M. Introduces Consumer iPhone App

Insider’s View of Google Health

Back Story on CMS PHR Go Live

Golden Fleece Revisited or Here’s What You Get for a Half Million $$$s

Aetna’s CEO Again Attacks 3rd Party PHRs

NEWS FLASH: iPHR Market Report Now Available

Google Health Goes Live – Quick Analysis

Berkman Done, Next Up TEPR, Update Report

Fortuitous or Planted Story on EmergingMed

Preface to Report

And Another Online PHR Survey – Results

Quick PHR Poll

Keeping Medical Records Safe – BIDMC’s Approach

Leading with Page Views Not a Promising Sign

Why Extending HIPAA to PHRs is NOT a Good Idea

Genetics: Now that we finally have some protection…

Driving Hard to Finish PHR Report

The Risks of Digital Medical Records

Another Perspective on HIMSS’s Leader’s PHR Comments

HIMSS Leader Raises Doubts on PHRs

What Might an Ideal EHR Look Like?

Sec. Leavitt, CIGNA, WellPoint – The Finishing Touches to WHCC 2008

Dis-information Among Those in the Know

WHCC: Day One

WHCC & Reports from the Field

Lots of Press Today on PHRs – Some Good, Some Bad

Hitting the PHR Conundrum on the Head

WellPoint: A Leading Innovator?

Another Day, Another Security Breach

Privacy Problem Not Limited to PHR Vendors

Employers Taking Long-View Look to PHRs

Web Visits Gets Air Time

Naturally, Govt. Looks to Google and Microsoft

How Many Cooks Does it Take to Define a PHR Functional Model?

Health Record Security – What’s on your laptop?

Walgreens Ups the Ante in Retail Health

An Interesting Marriage: Malpractice and PHRs

Privacy Rights Smack-down in NH

Whacking the Privacy Zealots

The Business Case for Aetna’s SmartSource

Aetna Keeps Pushing the Envelope

Hospital CIO Sees the Value of PHRs

Good Event Coming Up

Schmidt’s HIMSS Presentation: Google Health

Enough About the Gorillas, How About a Lemur

McKinsey Interview with Cleveland Clinic CEO

Good Post on Google & Microsoft Platforms

Microsoft Comes Clean on Privacy

Google’s Schmidt Outlines Health Platform

HIMSS – Part Deux

Snap Shots from HIMSS

Microsoft Openness Follows with Open Checkbook

Google’s Semi-official Announcement

With Merger, Is WebMD Now in Play?

Taking Baby Steps, Google & Cleveland Clinic Partner on PHRs

Privacy Advocacy Group Attacks PHRs

Big News – Microsoft Fulfills Promise, HealthVault Opens Up

USA Today Looks at Health .Com Survivors

HIMSS – PHR Platforms MIA

Civic Duty?

eClinicalWorks Tight-lipped on Wal-Mart Deal

Odd, Facts Don’t Support Revolution Health’s Claim

The Painfully Slow Move to Online Services

TxtMed Going on a Diet

RevolutionHealth’s Projections

Markle Addresses Authentication for Health Records

PHRs vs. RHIOs and the Rise of the PHS

Marriott’s PHR Goes Live for 50,000

Where are the 200 PHR Solutions?

Poof and It’s Gone

Update: Google Closes Kimono

NEWS FLASH: Google Opens Kimono Offering Health Beta

Dossia Goes Live!, well sort of

The Problem with PHRs

New PHR Business Model from Our More Socialist Neighbors up North

B2C Dead in PHR Market?

All You Need to Know About Indivo

ONC Budget Flatlined – RHIOs Hit, PHRs Saved from Meddling

CHCF Provides Employers’ Best Practice Guide for PHRs

Predictions 2008: Telehealth Jumps, RHIOs Fade, Legislation Stalls & PHRs Get the Press

Halamka Demos CCD as Path Forward for PHRs

LA Times: Decent Article on PHRs

Google’s Future Healthcare Play

Correction: AMA Article on PHRs

HL7 Releases Draft PHR Standard

Continua Alliance Features PHRs

A Utility Called Dossia

AMA’s Filler Piece on PHRs is a Disservice to Physicians

WSJ/Harris Survey on Privacy & Electronic Records

Wharton School Takes a Look at PHRs

Moving the Ball Forward: PCHRI 2007

Attending PCHRI 2007 this Week

PHRs on NPR this Morning

EMR Vendors Push CCD for Interoperability

Coming to a Cell Near You – TxtMed

Break out the Champagne – Another PHR Goes Live

And then There Were Three

Exposed – Orthopedic Payola

Getting the Information Out

Deserving of the Golden Fleece Award?

Is Telehealth Gaining Momentum?

Quick Snippets from Connected for Health

Next Week: Connected Health Symposium

Ho Hum, Google Tries to Keep the Embers Glowing

Indivo Health: Further Details on Dossia Agreement

Digging Into Microsoft’s HealthVault: Part Two (b) – The Experience

Digging Into Microsoft’s HealthVault: Part Two (a) – The Platform

Digging Into Microsoft’s HealthVault – Part One: Search

Microsoft 1, Google 0

Is Aetna Janus with Two Faces?

Good Article Over at NYT

Microsoft Jumps into PHR Market with HealthVault – Lots of Questions

Lilly’s CEO – We Need More Data to Prevent ADEs

AHIMA to Further Promote PHR

If GM is Handing Over the Keys…

AHRQ – Day Two Sees Some Improvement

AHRQ’s Conference – Interesting Yet Puzzling

Health 2.0 Looks Like a HIT

Dossia Chooses New Dance Partner

Has Google Lost its Way?

Get Your Comments In

Options Abound, Guidance is Lacking

Buyer Beware

Interoperability in HIT

What’s a Consumer to do?

Going Long, Microsoft Looks to Jump Into PHR Market

Wal-Mart, Healthcare and HIT