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Going Beyond the Obvious: 2016 Predictions for Healthcare IT

Never a dull moment in healthcare. 2015 saw plenty of changes and some inklings as to what may be in store for us in 2016. While there was plenty of noise around ICD-10, it was a non-event in 2015. Likewise,


Top Three Factors Driving Growth in Cloud Analytics for Healthcare

So here is a scary thought for all those who fear the move to cloud services due to cybersecurity and privacy breach concerns - Data as a Service (DaaS) is coming to your community, to your healthcare system soon. Heaven forbid

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#WWBR Week of August 28, 2015

“You Get Reminded You’re a Sick Person”: Personal Data Tracking and Patients With Multiple Chronic Conditions Jessica Ancker, et al in Journal of Medical Internet Research “Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but there’s a disconnect between what health

What We’ve Been Reading – Week of August 18

This week we are introducing a new recurring segment on our blog – instead of solely supplying our dear readers with new content from our analysts, we thought it would be valuable to provide some insight into what we find


Three Big Questions for Stage 3 & Patient Engagement

For many, the delay of Stage 3 of the Meaningful Use program evoked a collective sigh of relief, providing a much-needed extra year to focus on the challenging requirements for patient engagement and interoperability. As distant as 2017 may seem

A Layer Above it All: Healtheway’s Value Prop

Now that NwHIN has been spun-out into the public-private entity Healtheway one has to wonder exactly what value they can deliver to market that will sustain them as they attempt to ween themselves from the federal spigot. Healtheway has no

Some Areas We Covered in May Monthly

Earlier this year Chilmark Research launched its latest service, the Chilmark Advisory Service (CAS). One of the benefits of CAS is that subscribers receive a continuous feed of our research, from major annual reports such as the recently released 2012

Sex Sells (or at Least Leads to Some Interesting Analytics)

One guarantee in the healthcare sector is that when it comes to personal health information (PHI), there is no lack of issues and pundits to discuss security and privacy of such information/data. If one does not jump up and down

Whose Data is it Anyway?

Chilmark Research tends to shy away from the thorny, nearly intractable issues of privacy and security of Personal Health Information (PHI) (we’ll leave that to the lawyers and policy wonks to figure out). However one thing is very clear: As

Predictions 2012: Not What You Think

Admittedly, our predictions for 2011 were modest. Most of those predictions were logical and did not take a whole lot of imagination to envision thus our success rate, 7 “hits”, 2 “toss-ups” and 2 “misses was quite high. And though

Remember: Technology is but a Tool

Yesterday, Chilmark Research participated in the CRG conference, Driving Change Through Managed Care IT from Provider Payments to Quality, which was held in New York City. Despite having a title that no one will be able to remember, the overall

Don’t Rule-out the Mobile Browser

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Henry J. Feldman, M.D., instructor of medicine at Harvard Medical School at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC).  Dr. Feldman also serves as Chief Information Architect in addition to practicing as

Covisint Dips into Clinical Apps with DocSite Acquisition

On Monday, Covisint announced that it had acquired DocSite. Yesterday, we were finally able to catch-up with Covisint VP Brett Furst to get some background on the acquisition.  Following is what we learned and our assessment. Some Background: Covisint was

Meaningful Use Perspectives & Resources

Everyone seems to have an opinion, or at least has written something, about the final Meaningful Use (MU) Rules that were released on July 13th.  Of the multitude of posts and articles out there on the net, there the top

Consumer Consent and HIEs

One of the thornier issues regarding the establishment of public Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) is how to manage consumer consent of personal health information (PHI) sharing.  Today, there is no single standard approach across the US.  Some states have an

Relaxing Meaningful Use? Not Really

There has been a lot of talk this week in the trade pubs about the HIT Policy Committee (HITPC) meeting on Wednesday wherein the committee recommended a relaxation of meaningful use (MU) requirements.  But if one looks closer, the “story”

Privacy & Security of Personal Health Information

On Saturday, Jan. 10th, I’ll be moderating a panel at the Consumer Electronics Show’s (CES) Digital Health Summit. The distinguished panel that includes executives from Dossia, Kaiser-Permenante, Microsoft and Walgreens will address the topic: Who Will you Trust with Your

Top 10 Things to Consider When Choosing a PHR

At some point, hopefully in the not so distant future, physicians, clinics and hospitals will reach for the ARRA/HITECH Act carrot, adopt a certified EHR and demonstrate meaningful use.  One proposed requirement for meaningful use that will likely pass through

Savvy Move, MSFT Acquires Sentillion

Today, Microsoft announced that it will be acquiring the healthcare IT security software firm Sentillion. This is Microsoft Health Solutions Group’s biggest acquisition to date and will add critical security features to their clinician centric solution Amalga UIS. Chilmark Research

Covisint Jumps onto PaaS Bandwagon

A couple of weeks ago Chilmark Research did a small piece on the need for HIE vendors to move beyond silo’d standalone exchanges to a Platform as a Service (PaaS) model.  In the write-up, the HIE vendor Axolotl was mentioned

NHIN: The New Health Internet?

Chilmark has not been a big fan of the National Health Information Network (NHIN) concept. It was, and in large part still is, a top heavy federal government effort to create a nationwide infrastructure to facilitate the exchange of clinical

CCHIT has a Seat at Table – for Now

Today, the HIT Policy Committee met once again, this time to hammer out what the term “certified EHR” means within the context of future ARRA reimbursements to physicians and hospitals.  Chilmark sat in on the discussions, here is our assessment

HealthVault’s International Strategy

One of the more intriguing sessions at the recent Microsoft Connected Health Conference was that hosted by Mark Johnston, International Business Development Lead for Microsoft Health Solutions Group (HSG).  During this session and follow-on conversations, Chilmark Research received a pretty

Information Fundamental to Knowledge

The foundational element to knowledge, from which wisdom flows, is information.  Without information one can not begin to understand.  So why is it that we, as consumers, have such a hard time gaining access to our personal health records, our

Meaningful Use Draft is Tough to Swallow

Today, the Meaningful Use (MU) workgroup of ONC’s HIT Policy Committee presented its recommendations for what physicians and hospitals will need to demonstrate to obtain ARRA funding for “certified EHRs.”  Chilmark listened in on the presentation and deliberations of the

Health Records from Government Site Held for $10M Ransom

Late last week in the State of Virginia, someone hacked into the Virginia Dept. of Health Professionals (VDHP) website, downloaded all of 8M plus records and some 35M prescription records.  Upon downloading the information, the hacker went on to erase

Usability Study Compares Google Health & HealthVault

A boutique consulting firm, User Centric Inc.,  just released a brief report comparing the usability of the two leading Personal Health Platforms (PHP), or Health Clouds, Google Health (GHealth) and HealthVault (HV).  While we may quibble with some of the

Health Privacy is Dead

The tech guru/gadfly, Robert Scoble, formerly of Microsoft blogger fame and now with FastCompany put up a post on the microblogging site, friendfeed with the title: Health Privacy is Dead, Here’s Why Now Scoble is very well-known in the tech/social

More on Feds’ Privacy Framework for Consumer Health Records

The online publication, NextGov has a good article that further outlines the new privacy framework that Sec. Leavitt announced on Monday during the NHIN event being held in DC.  Article is the best one I have seen yet on the

Leavitt’s Parthian Shot – Consumer Health Privacy Framework

As HHS Secretary Michael Leavitt begins packing his bags making way for incoming Sec. Daschle, he is leaving a number of legacies behind such as a very checkered success record with the NHIN (RHIOs continue to rise and fall with

The Google Health Strategy

Chilmark Research is furiously working on its next report that will take an in-depth look at the three major platform plays, Dossia, Google Health and Microsoft’s HealthVault.  Shaping up to be an excellent report (in our humble opinion) with a

Privacy & Consumer Education

There has been more written, commented upon and just general noise around the whole topic of privacy and medical records that it is often difficult to separate what truly is important and reason for concern and what is not. Time

PHR Certification Looking for Input

Now, I am no fan of the whole CCHIT initiative to develop a certification process for PHRs as this market is far too immature.  But continue on they do and whether I like it or not matters little for the

USB Thumb-drives: Just a Bad Idea for PHRs

In performing the research that led up to the publishing of our iPHR Market Report in May, one step we took was to look at ll the multitudes of PHR solutions in the market and on which form factor were

PHR Recommendations from Task Force Appear Painless

CCHIT announced yesterday that the blue ribbon PHR Advisory Task Force has released their recommendations for the follow-on PHR Workgroup to use in developing certification guidelines for PHRs.  CCHIT will then use these guidelines to certify PHRs in much the

Covisint Leverages Mfg Infrastructure for Healthcare

Covisint is one of those companies that shows up in a market, seemingly from nowhere, strikes a couple of partnerships many wonder, where did they come from? In February 2008, Covisint had a co-announcement with AT&T on being selected by

Drop-off/Pick-up: Nice Concept, but will Doctors Use It

While I normally do not like to do double posts on any one vendor, I was struck by HealthVault architect Sean Nolan’s most recent post on a new feature they have developed which they call Drop-off, Pick-up (DOPU). Looks like

HealthVault Developers’ Conference – Presentations Up

Microsoft held its first developers’ conference last week, a sell-out affair with over 500 participants representing some 200+ organizations. From my sources, heard it was a good event for those who are new to HealthVault. For those who have already

CCHIT Goes After PHRs

It was only a matter of time as rumors have been swirling around for sometime now but CCHIT has announced the formation of an Advisory Task Force (ATF) to provide guidance to CCHIT on what should and should not be

HealthVault Signs on Kaiser

Today is the first day of the big HealthVault developers’ conference Microsoft is hosting. Purpose of the conference is to bring together the “legions” of developers that are looking to build Personal Health Applications (PHAs) on top of the HealthVault

Tradition Grapples with Insatiable Demand

Dan Nigrin, the CIO from Children’s Hospital Boston set the tone at this morning’s meeting stating what keeps him up at night is struggling with the insatiable demand for HIT among care providers (espeically newer and younger staff members) at

ONC Releases Strategic 5 Year Plan

Quickly, the Office for National Coordinator (ONC) for Health IT in the Dept of Health & Human Service (boy, that’s a mouthful), released their 5-yr strategic plan yesterday. Took a quick look at it (real quick) and it is some

Back Story on CMS PHR Go Live

In early May, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced the “go live” of the Personal Health Record pilot for Medicare beneficiaries in South Carolina. Titled MyPHRSC, the PHR is based on technology from vendor Healthtrio (a company

Aetna’s CEO Again Attacks 3rd Party PHRs

You may recall that during an interview last October with the fine folks who manage the WSJ’s Health Blog that Aetna’s CEO, Ron Williams called Microsoft’s personal health platform, HealthVault and Google Health “vaporware”. Well, he’s at it again, this

Google Health Goes Live – Quick Analysis

Late this afternoon, Google Health Beta officially opened its doors for anyone to sign-up. While I did predict they would go live in the 2nd quarter, I was thinking end of the quarter, not the mid-point. Hat’s off to Google

Harvard Conference on Internet’s Future

I got religion. At least religion that part of the savior to today’s, and more importantly, tomorrow’s healthcare crisis lies on the Internet. With the abysmal adoption of IT to date within the healthcare sector, I am a strong believer

HIMSS Webcast Today – Can It Get Any Worse?

I sincerely apologize to anyone who may have sat-in on the webcast today by HIMSS Analytics and Kroll, based on my earlier prompting via the post this morning.   The webcast was arguably the most blatant sales pitch/webcast I have ever

The Risks of Digital Medical Records

One of the better, more balanced articles on privacy and security of medical records can be found in today’s WSJ. Unlike many articles on the subject of privacy of digital medical records, this article actually goes into some depth on

Sec. Leavitt, CIGNA, WellPoint – The Finishing Touches to WHCC 2008

WHCC 2008 just wrapped up with a final keynote from Secretary Leavitt. Leavitt’s keynote was a progress report on the four cornerstones that have driven HHS under his leadership. Cornerstone One: Standard Quality Measures There has been a lot of

Hitting the PHR Conundrum on the Head

As many who read here know, one of the biggest challenges I’ve discussed regarding consumer adoption of PHRs is making these systems simple and automated. Simple – as in the example of what Google has done to create a great,

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