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Top Three Factors Driving Growth in Cloud Analytics for Healthcare

So here is a scary thought for all those who fear the move to cloud services due to cybersecurity and privacy breach concerns - Data as a Service (DaaS) is coming to your community, to your healthcare system soon. Heaven forbid


New Insight Report on Moving to Open Platforms Now Available

All of the factors driving the adoption of platform thinking in the wider economy across other industries — escalating demand for better user functionality, customers seeking an outcome rather than a transaction, rapidly changing payment models — are present in healthcare. Yet HCOs and their HIT vendors cling tenaciously to closed, transaction-based systems and methods of doing business.


Orion Health Aspires to PaaS

The interoperability problems that plague healthcare are compounded by the paucity of developer options for modern software development. Software as a Service (SaaS) models are increasingly commonplace for EHRs, population health and other finished applications. Platform as a Service (PaaS)


.750 Prediction Batting Average for 2014

Hard to believe the year is coming so quickly to a close. A year that saw ONC pretty much implode, an ACA that is garnering fans faster than detractors, an explosion in all things wearable but little clue as to

Finding Few Answers at HIMSS’13

Last week was yet another HIMSS, this time in the Big Easy – one of my favorite cities, despite the unfortunate decay occurring on Bourbon St. As with the many HIMSS I have attended before, this is the seminal event

Why We Won’t See EHR Consolidation Anytime Soon

All too frequently I get the question: When will we see the EHR market consolidate? Not an unreasonable question considering just how many EHRs there are in the market today (north of 300) and all the buzz regarding growth in

Looking Back on 2011 – What A Strange Year It’s Been

It is almost becoming the norm to say that it has been another tumultuous year in the healthcare IT market. Market consolidation, pushback on timelines, growing chorus from IT departments that enough is enough against the backdrop of the political

Trickle Down Health or Health 2.0 Impressions

Another year, another Health 2.0 under the belt. This being the fourth time attending it is interesting to see how this event and its participants have evolved. Like many things in life, some things at Health 2.0 have changed, some

HIE Market Snippets

In January, we released our HIE Market Report: Analysis & Trends which was extremely well-received. Sales have exceeded our rather optimistic projections – great for us. But what we are most proud of and honestly what keeps us going is

Likely Suitors as Thomson Reuters Exits Healthcare

Earlier this week, Thomson Reuters (TR) announced that it intends to sell off its healthcare unit. A logical first response is: What they heck, why would they sell right now when the healthcare market is so hot and shows no signs

HIMSS11 Shrinking the World Down One Size

  Like Dilbert, I left HIMSS11 with a sense of scale that was somewhat skewed. The first time I crossed the pedestrian bridge overlooking the vendor showroom, I was immediately struck by the vastness of it all.  The showroom itself

HIE Report is Released

The long awaited, dare I say anticipated HIE Market Report is now complete and ready for purchase. This report, arguably the most comprehensive report yet published on this rapidly evolving market (116pgs, 21 vendors profiled, 0ver 25 tables and figures)

Don’t Rule-out the Mobile Browser

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Henry J. Feldman, M.D., instructor of medicine at Harvard Medical School at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC).  Dr. Feldman also serves as Chief Information Architect in addition to practicing as

Looking Back: 2009 Forecast Assessment

A common practice among analyst firms such as Chilmark Research is to make annual predictions of what is in store for the coming year.  Chilmark will be making its own predictions for 2010 in the next couple of weeks.  Unfortunately,

HIMSS 09 – Reports from the Field

Over the last week we have not been as diligent in providing posts on happenings in the HIT market (we try to do at least 4/wk) as we prepared for the big industry confab, HIMSS09.  Are dance card for HIMSS

HIE, SaaS and Low-Cost, Nationwide Adoption of EHRs

The Stimulus packages (HITECH Act) that are winding their way through the Senate and House call for spending some $20B on healthcare IT initiatives, the lion’s share to provide incentives to physicians to adopt “certified EHRs”.  In addition to the

Medicity and Novo Merge: Brilliant or Desparate Move?

While a rumor was leaked about a week ago that Medicity and Novo Innovations would merge, the rumor became official this morning.  The merger of these two vendors in the nascent RHIO/HIE (Regional Health Information Organization/Health Information Exchange) market is

NEWS FLASH: Google Opens Kimono Offering Health Beta

Today, Google opened the doors to a Beta version of its consumer health site.  Based on that landing page, quite clear that unlike Microsoft, Google will offer a full fledged Personal Health Record (PHR) for the consumer.  In addition to

The Problem with PHRs

In conducting research for the upcoming study on the personal health record (PHR) market, I have had the opportunity to view and demo many a PHR solution. There is an exceedingly wide range of solutions with an equally wide range

Predictions 2008: Telehealth Jumps, RHIOs Fade, Legislation Stalls & PHRs Get the Press

A common practice in the analyst community is to take a look back at what has occurred and project forward as to what we might see in the coming year. I won’t spend anytime on what has occurred as you

Hidden Costs of Deployment

Over on the eZine, Health Data Management there is a poll asking whether or not your software vendor was upfront about the hidden costs of implementing their software. Guess which way the poll is leaning? Over two-thirds of respondents state

Indivo Health: Further Details on Dossia Agreement

Had the opportunity last week to get an update from Will Crawford and Ken Mandl of the Children’s Hospital Informatics Program (CHIP), a joint collaboration of Harvard Medical and MIT. The objective was to learn more about the recent agreement

Digging Into Microsoft’s HealthVault: Part Two (a) – The Platform

I came into this review with very high hopes, hopes that Microsoft, with its vast resources and market clout, would make a major splash in the rapidly evolving consumer health IT (HIT) market. I was thinking BIG. Big grand schemes,

Digging Into Microsoft’s HealthVault – Part One: Search

As I reported earlier, Microsoft has jumped into the consumer healthcare market with the October 4th launch of HealthVault (HV). Microsoft was kind enough to provide me with an in-depth briefing on what HV is and is not which I

athenahealth Makes a Splash

On Sept 20th, athenahealth (ATHN) went public on the NASDAQ becoming the most successful IPO to date in 2007. Coming out at $18/share, the share price soared to over $38/share, a 115% gain. Since then, the price has settled down

Who We Are

Chilmark Research is the only industry analyst firm focusing solely on health IT. We combine proven research methodologies with intelligence and insight to provide cogent analyses of the emerging technologies that have the greatest potential to improve healthcare. We do not shy away from making tough calls, and are respected in the industry for our direct and thoughtful commentary.