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HIE is a Misnomer


For years now we have been talking about HIE as if health information exchange (the verb) is happening across health information exchanges (the noun). This is wrong for the simple reason that true, full health information exchange is not occurring.

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Three Big Questions for Stage 3 & Patient Engagement

For many, the delay of Stage 3 of the Meaningful Use program evoked a collective sigh of relief, providing a much-needed extra year to focus on the challenging requirements for patient engagement and interoperability. As distant as 2017 may seem

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Time to Move Beyond HIE

Our ongoing coverage of the HIE industry leads us to the question of what clinicians do after getting connected to an HIE? To this end, we are conducting a 10-minute web survey on clinician’s experiences using HIEs for care coordination.

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Can Mirth Revive NextGen?

Last week, NextGen’s parent company, QSI, acquired open-source tools vendor Mirth for $59M. While a relatively small acquisition, it nonetheless will have an impact on the broader HIE market. Mirth’s toolset has an array of HIE components, notably its well-regarded Mirth

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Why We Won’t See EHR Consolidation Anytime Soon

All too frequently I get the question: When will we see the EHR market consolidate? Not an unreasonable question considering just how many EHRs there are in the market today (north of 300) and all the buzz regarding growth in

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At Last, It’s Here: 2012 HIE Market Report

This morning we announced the release of our latest report: 2012 HIE Market Report: Analysis and Trends of the Health information Exchange Market. As we found in last year’s report, the HIE Market and the vendors that serve it continues

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HIE Market Snippets

In January, we released our HIE Market Report: Analysis & Trends which was extremely well-received. Sales have exceeded our rather optimistic projections – great for us. But what we are most proud of and honestly what keeps us going is

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CCD Standard Gaining Traction, CCR Fading

In a number of interviews with leading HIE vendors, it is becoming clear that the clinical standard, Continuity of Care Document (CCD) will be the dominant standard in the future.  The leading competing standard, Continuity of Care Record (CCR) appears

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Part One: Stage One Meaningful Use Winners

As required by legislation in the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA), HHS/CMS released rules for the meaningful use of certified EHRs before the end of 2009 (late the afternoon of Dec. 30th).  Others have already written plenty on what

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Techies: SNOMED, HL7 Semantic Interoperability

Just came across this document that you’ll find on Scrib, which is a bit over my head, but quite sure some of the visitors to Chilmark Research will find it useful.  A team comprised of UK NHS reps and others

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Medicity and Novo Merge: Brilliant or Desparate Move?

While a rumor was leaked about a week ago that Medicity and Novo Innovations would merge, the rumor became official this morning.  The merger of these two vendors in the nascent RHIO/HIE (Regional Health Information Organization/Health Information Exchange) market is

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2008, What was Hot, What was Not

One of the nice things about all the writing done over the past year is that one can go back, apply some analytics and see exactly what topics/posts were popular over the past year. So, drumroll please… Following are the

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HL7 Releases Draft Standard of PHR-FM

The HIT standards organization, HL7 sent out a press release today announcing that the PHR Systems Functional Model (PHRS-FM) is now available for trial use.  This functional model has been in the making for ages (glad no businesses were depending

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HL7 Releases Draft PHR Standard

This week, the standards group, HL7 announced the release of the personal health record system functional model (PHR-S FM) as a draft standard for trial use.  They expect the finalized standard to hit the streets in early 2008. You’ll find

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EMR Vendors Push CCD for Interoperability

Last week, the HIMSS Electronic Health Record Vendors Association EHRVA announced the availability of a “Quickstart Guide for CCD Standard.”  The guide is structured to assist the multitude of electronic medical record (EMR) vendors, both large and small, in how

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Update on the GE-Boston Scientific Partnership

Recently wrote a brief post on the GE-Boston Scientific partnership, but left a few questions unanswered awaiting a reply from one of the companies. Received an email today that helps clarify the partnership. First-off, it is an exclusive partnership between

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AHRQ’s Conference – Interesting Yet Puzzling

Down in Washington DC for the next couple of days attending the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) conference. This is their first major conference bringing together a multitude of researchers, all having received funding from AHRQ. Conference, which

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Get Your Comments In

And no, not on this Blog, but to HL7, and their recently released draft standard for PHRs titled: PHR-S FM, which stands for Personal Health Record System Functional Model. Comments are due by Sept 13, 2007. Although I have yet

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Interoperability in HIT

My post yesterday titled What is a Customer to do? reflected on the current state of PHRs in the marketplace. Received a good comment back from RHIOboy which forced me to delve a little deeper into the issue of Interoperability,

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