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Rise of the Conveners

No this isn’t a post about the latest Michael Bay sequel in the Transformers’ movie franchise. Instead, I wanted to focus on the acquisition last month of Curaspan, a leading vendor in discharge planning, by naviHealth. This is the second

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HIMSS’15 Pilgrimage: Impressions and Takeaways

Another year, another HIMSS conference. While I often may gripe about this event; the seemingly endless parroting of buzzword(s) de jour, the countless press releases that really are much ado about nothing and highly questionable surveys and research results, that


.750 Prediction Batting Average for 2014

Hard to believe the year is coming so quickly to a close. A year that saw ONC pretty much implode, an ACA that is garnering fans faster than detractors, an explosion in all things wearable but little clue as to

Pushing the Envelope to HIE 2.0

Innovation driven by the effective use of IT has long catalyzed industry transformations – except in healthcare. We all know people who have never waited in a teller line to cash a check. In the now unlikely event that systems

Why We Won’t See EHR Consolidation Anytime Soon

All too frequently I get the question: When will we see the EHR market consolidate? Not an unreasonable question considering just how many EHRs there are in the market today (north of 300) and all the buzz regarding growth in

At Last, It’s Here: 2012 HIE Market Report

This morning we announced the release of our latest report: 2012 HIE Market Report: Analysis and Trends of the Health information Exchange Market. As we found in last year’s report, the HIE Market and the vendors that serve it continues

Predictions 2012: Not What You Think

Admittedly, our predictions for 2011 were modest. Most of those predictions were logical and did not take a whole lot of imagination to envision thus our success rate, 7 “hits”, 2 “toss-ups” and 2 “misses was quite high. And though

A Tale of Two Medical Records

This is a tale of my nearly year-long attempt to integrate my family’s medical records from a small outpatient provider (MIT Medical) into my Kaiser Permanente HealthConnect EMR. From 2008-2010 my family was living Boston where I was getting my

SureScripts, A Defacto NHIN

Yesterday in New Orleans, SureScripts announced a new line of business: Clinical Interoperability. Leveraging their existing ePrescribing solution platform, currently serving over 200K physicians nationwide, and combining it with the technology stack of messaging solution provider Kryptiq, SureScripts will offer

Feds Set Example for Data Portability

The Personal Health Record (PHR) market is fraught with challenges. First there is the issue of getting personal health information (PHI), which is most often not in a common digital, computable format such as a CCD or CCR-based file. Even

Making Sense of the NHIN

The National Health Information Network (NHIN), which was the previous ONC head’s (Kolodner) top priority, or at least seemed that way is a concept that has its advocates and detractors.  To date, we have been more of a detractor as

Relax Meaningful Use… but Not Too Much

Reading through the headlines, the press releases and checking in on today’s HIT Policy Committee meeting, it appears that the over-riding theme of comments regarding Meaningful Use (MU) rules (these were due by COB on 3/15) is to relax the

Analysis: MediConnect Acquires PHR Vendor, PassportMD

Yesterday, MediConnect announced that it had acquired Florida-based PHR vendor, PassportMD. The acquisition is a good move by MediConnect as it will allow them to extend beyond just collecting records on behalf of consumers (it offers such a service on

Achieving Meaningful Use: View from the Trenches

Since the Meaningful Use and Certification proposed rules have been released, have read numerous articles, posts and tweets to gain some perspective on the ramifications of these rules on the market.  The best piece I’ve read by far is that

Top 10 Things to Consider When Choosing a PHR

At some point, hopefully in the not so distant future, physicians, clinics and hospitals will reach for the ARRA/HITECH Act carrot, adopt a certified EHR and demonstrate meaningful use.  One proposed requirement for meaningful use that will likely pass through

Pushing ONC to Act on Consumer’s Behalf

Just about anything you hear coming out of HHS’s ONC office is with regards to digitizing the doctor’s office.  This is somewhat understandable as there is some $36B in ARRA funding just waiting for the rules on “meaningful use” (MU)

Another Tiny Step Forward by Google Health

Ever hoping for a viable competitor to HealthVault, we keep waiting for Google Health to kick it up a notch.  But alas for us and the broader market, it continues to look like HealthVault is putting distance between itself and

Techies: SNOMED, HL7 Semantic Interoperability

Just came across this document that you’ll find on Scrib, which is a bit over my head, but quite sure some of the visitors to Chilmark Research will find it useful.  A team comprised of UK NHS reps and others

Stimulus Package, HITECH Act and Ossification of HIT

We are heading down the wrong path. Despite the rounds of applause from virtually all sectors of the healthcare establishment (AHA, HIMSS, AllScripts’ customers, etc.) the HITECH Act, as currently drafted in the Stimulus Bill (both House and Senate versions

Feds Launch Two PHR Initiatives This Week

This week, the feds made two announcements that have pertinence to the PHR market. CMS PHR Demo Launches in AZ & UT First, CMS announced the launch of the trial PHR program for Medicare members in AZ and UT.  Beneficiaries

How Many Cooks Does it Take to Define a PHR Functional Model?

While doing some research on healthcare IT (HIT) standards for our upcoming report on the PHR market I stumbled upon 3 different organizations who all seem to be doing pretty much the same thing, defining a functional model for PHRs.

Big News – Microsoft Fulfills Promise, HealthVault Opens Up

Received a note from a Microsoft representative today with some pretty big news regarding HealthVault.  The news centers around efforts that the HealthVault team are taking to simplify the development, by partners, of solutions that will leverage the HealthVault platform. 

EMR Vendors Push CCD for Interoperability

Last week, the HIMSS Electronic Health Record Vendors Association EHRVA announced the availability of a “Quickstart Guide for CCD Standard.”  The guide is structured to assist the multitude of electronic medical record (EMR) vendors, both large and small, in how

Interoperability in HIT

My post yesterday titled What is a Customer to do? reflected on the current state of PHRs in the marketplace. Received a good comment back from RHIOboy which forced me to delve a little deeper into the issue of Interoperability,

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