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A New Year, A New Look

by John Moore III | December 29, 2012

As we prepare for a new year, we here at Chilmark Research are also preparing for the next stage of our growth. 2012 was a fabulous year for us, where even our rosy outlook for the year was not even close to what we actually experienced.

In 2012, we saw the launch of the Chilmark Advisory Service (CAS), where subscribers exceeded expectations. We published the second edition of what is now considered the most thoroughly researched report on the HIE market. Our Payer Benchmark Report was such a success that we have decided to make it an annual project. Mid-year we launched our newest research endeavor, delving into the very complex and highly convoluted healthcare analytics market. We also saw continued, double digit growth in custom research services for our clients, a client list that ranges from the largest of software companies to the smallest of start-ups with some brilliant ideas.

But what I am most proud of is our ability to attract high quality talent to Chilmark Research. It is extremely difficult to find truly creative, critical thinkers who are willing to take a stand on key healthcare IT trends and also willing to make tough calls and challenge vendors in this market to substantiate their claims. It is that independent thinking that I look for in an individual. I can train them on how to be an analyst, but I cannot train them on critical thinking. The analyst team that is being assembled here at Chilmark is the best in the business and we will continue to add to this team in the year to come.

And as you have probably noticed when you came to this site to read the latest post, we now have a distinctive new look and a website that will make it far easier for you to understand our value proposition, what services we offer and for subscribers to CAS, a member’s only section of the website where they can retrieve any published content associated with their subscription, from any location. All they will need is their CAS log-in information to access this private area.

Our mission here at Chilmark is to improve the quality of care delivered to patients through the effective use of IT. Therefore, we will continue to produce content (posts) for public consumption that provide our perspective on some of the leading trends in healthcare IT. With the additional staff on hand, we will publish at least one post per week, if not more, so please stay tuned.

In closing, I want to thank you one and all (far too many at this point to mention by name) who have supported Chilmark Research over these last five years. As we move ahead with our expansion, our new brand, our new look, it is my intent to insure that we continue to provide you the services you value most and expand upon them. If there is something we are not doing well or an area where you believe we need to focus more attention on, please let me know by sending an email to: john at chilmark research dot com. Your feedback, your inputs got us to this point and I am confident that your future inputs will take us to the next level.

Happy New Year to all and may 2013 bring you and your loved ones good health.

Founder, Chilmark Research


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